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Sherry Hardnett flagged down a LaGrange police officer at about 5 a.m. Friday, telling them that her ex-boyfriend, Damario Davis, broke into her home while she was out and waited for her return, WRBL reported.
Police in west Georgia arrested a 44-year-old man Friday, charging him with a brutal attack on his ex-girlfriend that left the woman hospitalized with significant burns.
Investigators said that Davis held Hardnet against her will, beat her, and kicked her. Then, they said, he poured an accelerant over her and lit her on fire.
Police said Hardnett had significant burns over much of her body and was taken to Well Star West Georgia Medical Center for treatment.
LaGrange police located Davis and arrested him on an active warrant from a domestic violence situation in April.
An investigation into the brutal attack started on Friday morning. Investigators said that the victim, Sherry Hardnett, was found walking around South Greenwood Street at around 5 am and marked a police officer for help.
Officers from the LaGrange Criminal Investigations Division, who took over the investigation, learned from Hardnett that her ex-boyfriend, 44-year-old Damario Davis, broke into her home early Friday morning and waited for her to return home.
According to the researchers, the attack on Hardnett started at that time. Investigators said that during the attack, Hardnett was held against his will, beaten and kicked. Davis then poured an unknown flammable accelerator over it and set it on fire, according to the researchers.
Hardnett suffered severe burns over a significant portion of his upper and lower body. She was taken to Well Star West Georgia Medical Center for treatment. There is no update regarding its status.
Davis was soon detained in April 2020 on an arrest warrant resulting from a domestic violence incident.
Davis faces additional charges in connection with the incident against Hardnett on Friday morning, including Criminal Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, Heavy Penalty, False Prison, Theft, Serious Harassment, 1st Degree Arson.
He’s now been charged with criminal attempted murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, false imprisonment, burglary, aggravated stalking, and first degree arson.
There was no update on Hardnett’s condition.
Anyone with information about this case should contact the LaGrange Police Department at 706 883-2603 or Troup County Crime Stoppers at 706 812-1000.