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Who is Sherise Blackman?

Sherise Blackman is the Line of Duty star who has reportedly revealed her horror after three men with a black car tried to snatch her 11-year-old son from a London street and how the police failed to investigate. Blackman, who appeared as firearms officer Ruby Jones in the hit show, said her son was walking home from school in Beckenham, Bromley, when two men on the street and another man in a black car tried to grab him on Friday.

She is best known for Line of Duty (2012), The Methodists and EastEnders (1985).

How old is Sherise Blackman?

Also known as Sheshe, Sherise Blackman

Sherise Blackman Son

Her character was dramatically shot dead as she defended a police convoy from masked hitmen in episode four of the ratings-grabbing drama, said her son was followed by the men into a basketball court before teenagers stepped in to protect him.

The actress said her son got off at a different bus stop than usual that day because the bus was on diversion.

After the bus drove off, a black car pulled up alongside the boy and the man inside asked where he was going and offered him a lift home, Ms Blackman said.  Sensing danger, the boy started to run away but the two other men started chasing him.

He ran into Croydon Road Recreation Ground to find help when he spotted two teenagers playing basketball.

Ms. Blackman said the two men followed her son toward the court and told the teenage boys he was with them, at which point the boy said he didn’t know them.

Sherise Blackman Son Missing

She added that the two teenagers then blocked the entrance and told her son to run home. Ms. Blackman told the Standard: ‘He did say ”I’m going home” and the man then said ”hop in, I’ll give you a ride” at which point my son was like that’s not normal and he kind of started to hop foot it away.’

‘The two men then followed him into the tennis court and said to the teenage boys ”oh he’s with us” at which point he [Ms. Blackman’s son] said ”I don’t know them”.’  As soon as he arrived home, Ms Blackman’s son told his parents what had happened.

She immediately called the police and was told they would visit her home on Sunday, May 2.

Ms. Blackman said she felt as though the police were trying to ‘fob it off’ when they took a statement from her son and that no suspects have been identified.

Sherise Blackman Actress

She said her interaction with the police left her ‘very dissatisfied’. She told the Standard: ‘I could see where they were going with this and I was like no it wasn’t that. My son is a very smart little boy – he sensed danger. But they were trying to fob it off.’

She said the police told her they couldn’t investigate because a crime hadn’t happened.

However, detectives have now started to investigate the attempted abduction since Ms. Blackman went to the press with her story.  Detectives from Bromley Police station have been in contact with Mrs. Blackman today after she revealed her fury at their failure to act.

Her husband George told MailOnline: ‘Police are now looking into what happened. We had a call from a detective today – after the story appeared in the press.

‘They said they were sorry and that they were now investigating what happened.’ Mr. Blackman, who works as a banker, added: ‘This has really affected our son badly. He is usually a confident, hard-working boy. But when he arrived home last week he was shaking.

‘Now he is frightened of strangers. It’s terrible.’

Sherise Blackman Instagram

Ms. Blackman went back to Instagram to post of her frustrations over the lack of police action.  She wrote: ‘The Police are NOT investigating what happened to my son as according to them no crime has actually been committed!

‘We will have to wait until he ends up like one of these poor souls on a poster before they do absolutely nothing again!!

She then posted about the incident on Instagram to her followers.

She wrote: ‘I thought long and hard about posting this, however at the end of the day our son may be shaken up but he is SAFE at home with us!

‘I don’t want any parent to be posting about their missing child in the coming days/weeks/months!!! So I’m raising the alarm, feel free to share!

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