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Shelby Gash Wiki – Bio

Shelby Gash is from Kansas. She was viral on social media after posting her home images of Christmas lights. She decided to erect more than just her Christmas tree this festive season. After decorating her home in the suburb of Johnson County, Shelby Gash found she had 60 feet of leftover Christmas lights with no particular purpose.

Shelby Gash Age

She is a 24-year-old as of 2019.

Shelby Gash Naughty Christmas Lights

So what did she suggest this luminous object was? Is a sleigh ready to be hooked up to some reindeer? Some Christmas baubles? At least a euphemism?

“It’s a giant glowing dick,” Shelby stated matter-of-factly.

Gash’s rooftop lights were designed in the shape of a penis and the images have gone viral. Gash said she did it to give her neighbors a good laugh, though she has since taken the phallic symbol down after critics said it was inappropriate for children to see it.
“The neighborhood’s kind of like, vibe’s kind of gone down, ’cause everyone’s kind of uptight,” she told local TV station WDAF. “So it’s more of a, kind of, orneriness.”

Shelby Gash Facebook

Shelby Gash Family, Father

Shelby Gash had the support of her family before turning on the lights. She shared a screenshot on Facebook of a text conversation with her dad. Gash did not gloss over her request.
In the text, Gash asked her father, “Can I use the rest of the Christmas lights to make an outline of a huge glowing tail on our roof until HOA complains?”
Christ Vergara’s neighbor had not seen the display until the reporter showed her a photograph – and it was fortunate that she had not seen it as she passed. “I would probably have ruined my car … laughing,” she said.
But as amused as she was, Christ pointed out that it was not suitable for small children.

“It’s a joke that wears out pretty quick,” added her husband Marcelo.Shelby said that people were stopping in the middle of the night, taking photos and laughing. But after hearing that it might upset neighbors with young children, Shelby sadly flicked the switch on her festive phallus after just four days.
“Sorry if it’s actually really bothering people, I’m just trying to make a laugh,” she said.