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Shatica Hixson (Pregnant mom shot dead) Wiki – Shatica Hixson (Pregnant mom shot dead) Biography

  • Family say Brandon Milburn, 37, was killed in police shootout in downtown Oklahoma City early Wednesday following deadly crime spree
  • Milburn was accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend, Shatica Hixson, 21, and kidnapping their 14-month-old daughter, Zyla, on Tuesday 
  • Child was later found safe after being dropped off at Love County jail by relative 
  • Milburn was also accused of shooting dead a man inside a pickup truck and carrying out two carjackings 
  • Another person reported being burglarized and threatened with AK-47  by a man matching Milburn’s description  

Disturbing new details have emerged about a deadly crime spree in Oklahoma City that began with the murder of a pregnant woman and the abduction of her baby, and ended with a police shootout that left the suspect dead and an officer wounded.

Brandon Milburn, 37, was previously named a suspect in the killing of his girlfriend, identified by relatives as 21-year-old Shatica Hixson, and the kidnapping of their 14-month-old daughter, Zyla, on Tuesday.

Milburn was also suspected of killing a motorist and carjacking two vehicles as he fled from the police.

While local authorities have yet to officially confirm that the officer-involved shooting that occurred early Wednesday morning in downtown Oklahoma City was related to Milburn’s alleged crime spree, his younger brother stated that Milburn was the man who was shot and killed by cops.

The incident began unfolding just after noon on Tuesday, when police received a 911 call about a body that was discovered inside a home in the 5100 block of Brookdale Drive.

Officers who responded to the scene found a woman, identified by family members as Hixson, who had been shot dead, and learned that her baby had been taken from the home, purportedly by the child’s father, Milburn.

Relatives told KFOR that Hixson was three months pregnant with her and Milburn’s second child at the time of her death.

According to the victim’s family, Hixson was a victim of domestic abuse.

‘He beat her up all the time, he gashed her head open and threw her downstairs,’ the woman’s family member Shawntel Nye said, referring to Milburn.

But his brother, Vinson, painted a very different picture of Milburn and Hixson’s relationship.

‘Every time I had seen them, they were pretty happy,’ he said.

After allegedly killing his pregnant girlfriend, Milburn went on the run with their baby daughter in tow, which triggered an Amber Alert.

Nearly four hours later, the missing girl was found safe after being dropped off at the Love County jail by a woman believed to be Milburn’s aunt.

‘She saw the Amber Alert and realized that the Amber Alert was the baby that she had in a vehicle,” said Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham.

While police scoured the area for Zyla, another killing was reported in the 24000 block of Southwest 95th Street, just 7 miles from Hixson’s home, where a man was found shot dead inside a white pickup truck.

Police said the suspect, a slender black man in a white T-shirt matching Milburn’s description, was last seen leaving a home on Southeast 95th street in a truck after shooting the man.

According to investigators, the gunman drove to 104th Street, where he abandoned the stolen pickup truck and carjacked another vehicle. He then ditched that vehicle on 119th Street and fled.

Milburn was also suspected of breaking into a home and pointing an AK-47 at the homeowner before running into the woods.

Authorities spent five hours searching for Milburn with K-9 units and a helicopter before suspending the operation for the night.

Shortly before 10pm, Milburn called his brother for the last time.

‘There was fear in his voice and remorse and regret and shame. He wanted to turn himself in, we had talked about it,’ Vinson Milburn said, adding that his brother was ‘not a monster.’

Just after 4am on Wednesday, Oklahoma City police officers were involved in a pursuit of a vehicle near SW 104th Street and May Avenue.

The suspect, identified as Brandon Milburn by his brother, led officers on a chase, which ended near Couch Drive and Lee Avenue in downtown Oklahoma City.

The driver of the silver Toyota Prius with Arizona plates exchange gunfire with police. Officials have not disclosed who fired first.

The suspect was shot dead, and an Oklahoma City police officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries after being shot in the chest, which was protected by his bulletproof vest.