Shareen Swart 7de Laan actress

Shareen Swart 7de Laan actress dies

Shareen Swart 7de Laan actress

Shareen Swart 7de Laan actress : South African actress, writer and director Shareen Swart passed away on Monday morning at the age of 58.

According to reports, Swart — best-known for her roles as Meisie Moolman  “Ballade Vir ‘n Enkeling” and Katinka in the SABC2’s “7de Laan” — lost her battle to cancer.

“Shareen’s soul was a great one. I really admired her for the person she was. She shined bright even in dark times. I still see her laugh while enjoying the fashion show only three weeks ago. Shareen will surely be missed by many.

To her lovely daughters, Zoë and Hanka, may you find peace and inner comfort, she was a gem of a person. All involved at Pali, from the lecturers to the students, its tough and really painful, but stay strong and hold on to her memories and continue to build on what she started, and take Pali to even bigger heights in memory of a great actor and mentor (sic)”.

The Theatre Benevolent Fund of South Africa also took to Twitter to pay tribute to Swart.

“@TBFofSA mourns the passing of Shareen Swart – wonderful actress , director , teacher & mentor to many succesfull young actors, writers & director. May her love of her craft and her shining light  continue in Eternity (sic)”


Shareen Swart 7de Laan actress

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