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Shannon Blick wiki

Shannon Blick Wiki

Shannon Blick, 39, had run Lawton Elementary School in Ann Arbor for five years before being placed on administrative leave in April and effectively having to resign from Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Shannon Blick Age

She is 39 years old.

Shannon Blick Lawsuit

Shannon Blick is suing her school district for $5 million after claiming she was fired because a black person took her job in Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Shannon Blick, who once headed Lawton Elementary School, has filed a $5 million lawsuit accusing the Ann Arbor Public Schools discrimination, local outlet WDIV-TV reported. The district, its school board and at least six administrators are named as defendants.

The suit further claims Blick, 39, was forced to go on paid administrative leave in late April before being stripped of her duties in Ann Arbor Public Schools and banned from attending any events on campus — including her child’s recent fifth-grade graduation. Blick said she was even barred from attending a public school board meeting without explanation.

The lawsuit adds that the district has a history of “harboring, and acting on, racial animus towards Caucasians and non-minority individuals.”

Shannon Blick Allegations on Ann Arbor Public Schools Administration

In her complaint, Blick alleges she was forced out of her position by African-American administrators to make way for an assistant principal who’d been reassigned there and was eyeing her job. The assistant principal is African-American.

After being placed on leave, Ann Arbor Public Schools administrators allegedly instructed Blick not to contact any students, parents or staff about the matter and was threatened with discipline or firing if she violated this demand. The suit also claims that when a group of parents planned to speak on her behalf at an Ann Arbor Public Schools board meeting, Blick was told to make sure they didn’t.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • She was removed from her position as Ann Arbor Public Schools principal in favor of an African American principal, she alleges
  • She is seeking compensation for what she claims is racial discrimination 
  • Her lawyer William Tishkoff said: ‘This is a discrimination case’ 
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools says it is proud of its district’s diversity