Sgt. Elder Fernandes (Another soldier vanishes from Fort Hood) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Sgt. Elder Fernandes (Another soldier vanishes from Fort Hood) Biography, Wiki

Sergeant Elder Fernandes, 23, is the latest missing solider and was last seen being dropped off at his residence in Killeen, Texas on Monday, August 17, according to his family. They haven’t heard from him since, and reported him missing on Wednesday.
An official news release from Fort Hood says that officials at the base have already started searching for Fernandes. “We have completed a search of the entire division area, to include motor pools, parking lots, and headquarters buildings and the unit is in contact with the Soldiers Family, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division and civilian law enforcement agencies to help find him as we continue our search,” the release reads.
ABC 13, Fernandes’ aunt, Isabel Fernandes, said the soldier’s car, keys and belongings were left on the top.

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This is very, very unusual. He’s been in contact with us since last week. I spoke to him personally on Friday morning. He spoke to his mother last Sunday and promised to call Monday, ”Isabel said.

“Monday came and went and he didn’t call, and he didn’t answer calls from anyone else. Tuesday, no calls and my sister ended up flying down there yesterday, and still we haven’t heard from him.”

Fernandes was assigned to the First Cavalry Division Maintenance Brigade, where he worked as a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear expert. From the Killeen Police Department (KPD, Fernandes was last seen wearing black Army shorts and a shirt with red sneakers. He also notes that Fernandes was about 5’4 ”and weighed about 133 pounds. But an early study – statements from his family also including – already points to some possible irregularities in his disappearance.
This is very, very unusual. He’s been in contact with us since last week. I spoke to him personally on Friday morning. She spoke to her mother last Sunday and promised to call Monday, ”her aunt Isabel Fernandes told ABC13. “Monday came and passed and he did not call and did not answer anyone’s calls. Tuesday there was no call and my sister flew there yesterday and we still haven’t heard from him.” According to her aunt, her mother went to Fort Hood to work with the army officials and search for her son.
This case prompted military officials to investigate Fort Hood, following the death of Vanessa Guillén, for having the highest cases of soldier murders and assaults. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, after visiting the base in early August, pledged to investigate and address the “root causes” of the violence, deaths, and disappearances at Fort Hood, describing the latest violence as a tipping point.
According to Fort Hood officials who say finding troops is a top priority, Massachusetts’s Fernandes was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division Maintenance Brigade. Her mother reportedly flew to Texas to force Army officials for further answers.
Fernandes is one of many Fort Hood soldiers who disappeared this year, including 21-year-old Vanessa Guillen. Similar to Fernandes, Guillen also left his belongings at the base. He was found dead about two months after his disappearance. His remains were found in shallow tombs near the Leon River.
Tim Miller and the Texas EquuSearch team offered help finding Fernandes. A search is scheduled for Saturday.
According to the Killeen Police Department, Fernandes is a Spanish male 5 feet-4 inches tall and weighing around 133 pounds. She was last seen wearing black army shorts, T-shirt, and red shoes.
“We are all worried here. She has a big family and we need to find her and find her alive, ”said Isabel Fernandes.
Anyone with information should contact the Fort Hood Military Police at (254) 288-1170, the US Army CID at (254) 287-2722, or the Killeen Police Department at (254) 200-7905.
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