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Seth Fedelin Biography – Seth Fedelin Wiki

Seth Fedelin may be a teenage housemate within the the reality show, Pinoy big Brother (PBB).

He is a student from Cavite. He joined the reality show, Pinoy huge Brother (PBB) to assist his father, a former OFW World Health Organization had to come home when suffering a stroke.

Seth was among the primary four potential male housemates introduced. Seth became a politician male housemate and was the primary to enter the house when winning the primary Housemate choice challenge against three fellow male potential housemates.

Seth Fedelin Age

He is 16 years old.

Seth Fedelin Family

Seth is the eldest of four siblings. His father is a former OFW who had to return home after suffering a stroke. To increase his family’s income, Seth manages a pool.

Seth Fedelin Girlfriend

His girlfriend is named Angel Santos.

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)

The first four male housemates who entered the PBB Otso house, on November 10, 2018

1. Seth Fedelin – Ang Hope-Pool Son of Cavite
2. Aljon Mendoza- The Shy Charmer of Pampanga
3. Art Guma – ‘Ang Baeral Gwapito ng Davao
4. Josh Worsley – ‘Ang little Prince ng Davao

There will be four batches of housemates, every batch lasting for eight weeks every.

There will be 2 homes per batch. the primary one is that the official PBB house, whereas the second is Camp Star Hunt.

The housemates within the PBB house can play huge Brother like traditional, wherever they need to nominate one another and face public eviction.

Each time a housemate leaves the PBB house, one Star Dreamer from Camp Star Hunt can replace him or her. The Star Dreamer must win a given challenge to be able to move to the house.

Every batch of housemates can have a batch winner, United Nations agency will solely come back from the PBB House. Thus, if a Star Dreamer is unable to maneuver to the house, that Star Dreamer cannot become a batch winner.

Near the top of the season, the four batch winners can come to the house. they’re going to be joined by four alternative housemates determined by public vote. These eight can then


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