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Sergey Grigoriyev Bio, Sergey Grigoriyev Wiki

Sergey Grigoriyev Bio: was a 41-year-old’s Russian Hunter’ were discovered by police who went to his house after his relatives reported him missing and the beast on the loose.

He was killed and eaten by a brown bear he raised from a cub then kept as a pet in a cage in his garden.

Sergey Grigoriyev was eaten to the bone by the raging bear he found as a cub and raised on his plot of land.

Reports of Police Officer and Detectives suggest Sergey Grigoriyev rescued the bear – named Vorchun or Grumbler – four years ago, along with another cub and raised the wild animal on his suburban plot.

This incident came after the bear had attempted to attack Mr Grigoriyev on several occasions. The bear had previously attacked its owner Sergey Grigoriyev but he had ignored advice from friends to get rid of it.

Sergey Grigoriyev Bio