Who is Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid, Search for Missing Montana Teen 16
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Who is Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid, Search for Missing Montana Teen 16

Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid

Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid is a 16-year-old teen from Montana. she was last seen at an I-90 rest area between Billings and Hardin around 2 p.m. Wednesday, according to a press release.

Selena Real Name

Selena’s name is given different ways by the news media and authorities. According to the Montana Department of Justice, her full name is Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid. However, on Facebook, she goes by the name Selena Bell, and family members use the Selena spelling also. Many in the news media are calling her Selina Not Afraid.

Selina Age

She is 16 years old.

Who is Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid

Not Afraid is described as a five foot nine inches tall, 133-pound Native American female. She was last seen wearing a black coat, grey sweater, blue jeans, and gray ankle boots.
Not Afraid has a scar near her mouth and a tattoo of a cross on her middle finger.
Not Afraid left a disabled vehicle at the I-90 rest area at mile marker 474 between Billings and Hardin. She left a disabled vehicle at the rest area and was seen on foot walking into an adjacent field to get to the rest area, the release stated.
She is possibly intoxicated and not dressed for cold weather conditions, according to the release.
The Montana Missing Person’s Clearinghouse gives this information about Selena:

Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid Facebook

On Facebook, Selena indicated that she had suffered several tragic losses. Due to what happened to her sister, the missing and murdered indigenous women issue – which has sparked a hashtag and a rallying cry for more media and law enforcement attention throughout the nation – appears to have struck a chord with her. Her Facebook profile picture shows her sister Tristen Gray and the acronym for the movement, MMIW, and it says, “Save Our Sisters.”
Sadly, Selena’s disappearance now also symbolizes this important issue, but her family and law enforcement have not given up hope that they will find her.
Gender: FEMALE
Date of Birth: 06/18/2003
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 9”
Weight: 133 LBS.
Date of Last Contact: 01/01/2019
Age Now: 16 YEARS
Investigating Agency: BIG HORN COUNTY SHERIFF,(406) 665-9780

Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid Missing

The search has turned up nothing, despite using a high-powered drone that showed even rabbits and mice. “If she was here, we would have found that on day one, I guarantee you that,” said Horn.
She added that it was about 30 degrees out when Selena disappeared. “It wasn’t freezing. It was warm,” and added: “I do not believe this is God’s plan,” she said of whether Selena would have come to harm. “We believe she was taken east.”
She wants President Donald Trump to get federal authorities to take Selena’s case even more seriously. Here’s a photo of Trump with Crow tribal officials in November 2019:
According to Horn, a Snapchat video shows Selena with the others at the rest area with “two of the males in a fist fight.” The teen’s phone is dead.
Another woman wrote on the Crow Tribal Public Safety Facebook page, “Updating the search for Selena Bell Not Afraid, the Crow Tribe is assisting the Big Horn County Sheriffs Office. We searched last night until about 2:30 AM on foot using Dogs from Yellowstone Country Sheriff’s and a Drone from BNSF and AML was on foot along with other volunteers.” The page frequently posts about missing Crow tribal members, some of whom are runaways (one recent day, the page reported there had been four runaways. There is no indication that Selena fits that category, however.)
The post continues, “We started the search again this morning at 8 AM supporting HSO with 2 helicopters 1 from the Kehlier Family and the other from the Yellowstone SO, BIA Land Services brought 4 side by sides Crow AML brought 5 horse back riders and other personnel for foot search. We will continue the search here until we get better information. If anyone has information please contact the Big Horn Country Sheriff’s office 665-9780.”
Angry friends have shared the names of those they believe were in the van on social media. Wrote one, “SOMEBODY KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED TO Selena S. Bell!!! SPEAK THE F*CK UP!! A 16 YEAR OLD GIRLS LIFE IS ON THE LINE AND NOBODY WANTS TO SAY SHIT!!! YOU WANT TO BURRY (sic) ANOTHER FRIEND? COUSIN? SISTER? DAUGHTER!!!! SPEAK THE F*CK UP IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING!”
On social media, people questioned how Selena could have just disappeared when there was another female supposedly left with her. One angry woman responded, saying, “They didn’t bring her with them she just happen to be one of them that needed a ride back to Hardin from the party. THEY DIDNT ALL GHOST ONLY ONE GIRL DID.”
One woman whose name is included in some social media posts took to Facebook to deny involvement. “I have people who will tell you, including her own family, that I was home. And didn’t even have any idea she was missing until way later,” she wrote.
Another man wrote on Facebook, “If there is not a substantial reward offered by law enforcement and/or the tribe the politicians and law enforcement who say they are doing everything they can to put an end to missing Native Women are full of sh*t. I have been hearing elected officials talking about how they are addressing this serious issue but the results are sickening. A minimum $10,000 reward should have been offered right away. The thing about criminals is they run in circles and will turn on each other if the price is right.”
A relative responded, “well we are taking it serious and so is everybody else that’s helping my family and reward or not why be so cruel and not tell the truth why be so evil and not let us know and if everybody has something to say on social media why can’t they come forward and tell the family what they seen if they know something instead of hiding behind a screen and if you think officials aren’t taking it serious come out and help us comb the fields with us we have a lot of ground to cover give us your input…..”
She added, “…we already know how they are about native women or all natives but that’s when we come together and get it done by ourselves by not giving up and going out and helping each other….my little sister needs to be found ik we can find her but it all starts by getting off fb and coming out and helping we’re at the rest area from sun up to sun down my family has been camped out where she was last seen and if can’t send your friends down to help..”
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office at 406-665-9780 or dial 911.