Selah Schneiter Bio

Youngest Just Climbed the Nose: Selah Schneiter Bio, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Selah Schneiter Bio

Selah Schneiter of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, spent five days scaling the rock face – where more than two dozen climbers have died.

Selah Schneiter Age

Selah Schneiter Bio

A 10-year-old girl became the youngest person to climb the 3,000 ft. ‘Nose’ route of the notorious El Capitan summit in central California‘s Yosemite National Park on Wednesday.

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The 55 lb. the girl was joined on the 31-pitch climb by her veteran rock-climbing dad, Mike Schneiter, and his friend, Mark Regier

‘I can’t believe I just did that’, she said after her amazing ascent in a video obtained by ABC 30.

Selah Schneiter “I want Pizza”

Selah Schneiter Bio

‘I want pizza,’ Selah added, according to Outside Online. ‘I’ve been dreaming about it forever.’

Selah’s ascent comes days after the one year anniversary of the deaths of two best friends and veteran climbing partners who fell from the perilous summit.

On June 2, 2018, Tim Klein, 42, of Palmdale, California, and Jason Wells, 46, of Boulder, Colorado, plummeted an estimated 1,000 feet from the face of rock formation.

Investigators said the men were scaling El Capitan’s Salathe Wall with limited gear on what experts described as the easiest section of a route called ‘Freeblast,’ which both men had navigated several times before.

Climber Jordan Cannon, who witnessed the fatal accident, recalled hearing Wells scream as he slipped and fell from the cliff side moments before Klein, who was tethered to his partner, was yanked off the steep, granite surface.

‘It was very traumatic,’ Cannon told the San Francisco Chronicle after the incident.

Selah Schneiter on DangerousRock

Selah Schneiter Bio

Since 1905, at least 31 climbers have died on El Capitan, including 23 who actually fell to their deaths, according to ‘Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite’ author Charles ‘Butch’ Farabee.

The dangers of rock climbing are nothing new for Selah, whose entire family – including her mom, Joy, and Selah’s three younger siblings – seem to be obsessed with the outdoor sport.

Selah herself has been latching onto cliff sides, with the help and guidance of her experienced parents, almost since the day she was born.

Her dad, a certified climbing instructor who has owned Glenwood Climbing Guides since 2011, posted pictures of Selah taking on her first boulder when she was just three days old in April 2009.

Selah Schneiter Bio

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Selah Schneiter, 10, of  Glenwood Springs, Colorado, topped the challenging climbing route of the California cliff side on Wednesday
  • Her ascent came just days after the one year anniversary of the deaths of two veteran climbers who fell from El Capitan on June 2, 2018
  • At least 31 people have died climbing El Capitan since 1905
  • Outside Online says Selah is the youngest person on record to navigate the Nose
  • Dad Mike Schneiter and friend Mark Regier accompanied Selah on her summit