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Sean Harding’s career started in 2018. “He has worked with adult movie studios including Dragon Media, My Friend’s Feet, and Pride Studios. He is quite talented and has performed in videos which are associated with 25 categories,” according to Gay Hot Movies.com.

Sean Harding “Lady G”

‘Lady G’ is trending on Twitter and the reason has nothing to do with the actress, singer and performer Lady Gaga. In fact, the shorthand for her name is actually trending because of accusations against a prominent official.
Considering there is only one member of the U.S. Senate with those initials, speculation quickly turned (again) to U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who has been dodging rumors like this for the better part of the last decade.” Although Harding hasn’t produced any evidence to prove his allegations against Graham, Twitter users are flooding the platform with endless tweets demanding an answer from the official and calling him for his treatment of the LGBT community.
According to what adult film star Sean Harding posted on Twitter, he accused the official of hiring more than 100 “sex workers.” There is no evidence that the official has been legally accused of any the crimes Harding has accused him of.
In another tweet, Harding has urged his fellow sex workers to speak up about the senator and lend him support. “Fellow sex workers I invite you to stand with me during this crucial time. EVERY major news network is in my inbox including high profile lawyers willing to take this case. There’s strength in numbers – I KNOW you’re out there because EVERYONE has a story about LG when we talk,” he wrote.
One Twitter user wrote, “Lady G is a very open secret here in DC….” Harding wrote, “I have gained a lot of followers over the…tweet – just a heads up, I am a gay adult film actor – don’t be shocked if you see hardcore gay porn pop up on your feed.”


He describes himself as an XXX Gay adult film content model.