Sean Finnegan and Rebecca Dishman (Tennessee couple) Wiki, Biography, Charges, Rape, Kills Teen and Freezes Body

Sean Finnegan and Rebecca Dishman (Tennessee couple) Wiki, Biography

Sean Finnegan, 52, and Rebecca Dishman, 22, allegedly stored the mutilated body of 36-year-old Jennifer Gail Paxton in a freezer after her death in December 2019. According to the arrest warrants, Finnegan removed the body from the freezer when he learned an investigation was underway and hid it under his bed while he and Dishman attempted to clean up the crime scene.
Dishman and Finnegan were arrested on Thursday after Oak Ridge police obtained a search warrant for their home and found Paxton’s body.
Bond was set at $ 1 million on Friday for Rebecca Elizabeth Dishman, one of two Oak Ridge defendants accused of first-degree murder, sex crimes, and kidnapping after the torture, rape and drowning of a 36-year-old woman. the mutilated body was stuffed in a freezer.
Oak Ridge City said Friday night that the victim’s family was notified of Jennifer Gail Paxton’s death.
Dishman, 22, one of the two defendants, has been charged with five crimes: first-degree murder, aggravated sexual trial, aggravated kidnapping, abuse of a corpse, and evidence intervention.
52-year-old defendant Sean Finnegan is also charged with five crimes: first degree murder, aggravated rape, gross abduction, abuse of a corpse, and evidence intervention.
Finnegan’s bond may be on Monday, according to Anderson County General Court records.
Dishman reported no income or assets other than cars on Friday and was appointed a defense attorney named Paul Sexton. In the affidavit, he said he or his family could vouch for it, but it is unclear whether this is set at $ 1 million. Anderson will wear a GPS monitor if released on bail, according to an order signed by County General Sessions Court Judge Don A. Layton.
Finnegan reported on Friday that he has no income or assets and will be appointed as a public lawyer, according to court records.
The declaration of poverty said he and his family could not vouch for him. Like Dishman, his bond is expected to include the requirement to wear an electronic tracking bracelet, according to court records.
Finnegan and Dishman have court dates at the Anderson County Plenary Court at 9 a.m. on August 18.
Both were detained at the Anderson County Detention Facility in Clinton during lunch hour on Saturday.
Arrest warrants were issued for Finnegan, and Dishman said they brought Paxton to a house on East Fairview Road in Oak Ridge, promising a place to stay.
However, according to an arrest warrant filed by Sergeant Marvell Moore of the Oak Ridge Police Department, Paxton was once the victim of a series of horrific crimes at home.
Arrest warrants filed at Anderson County General Sessions Court in Oak Ridge said Paxton had been chained to a bed and chained to a dog collar. He said that he had been hit on his head and one arm with a baseball bat, so he could not resist attacks or try to escape, and his arms were fastened with zippers.
When he was disarmed, Finnegan and Dishman repeatedly raped and caused his death before strangling him.
According to court orders, Paxton was deprived of food and medical care.
Authorities said that after he was killed, Finnegan and Dishman cut body parts and broke his ligaments and bones to put his body in a freezer. Moore described the mistreatment of the body as “shocking and aggressive.”
Finnegan said that when he knew there would be an investigation, he took the frozen rotting body from the freezer and hid it under his bed. He allegedly cleaned the inside of the freezer to extract evidence.
Meanwhile, Dishman used “bleach and quickly” to clean blood and other body fluids from living room floors and bedroom floors, and used bleach and bath shower to clear evidence of receipt.
Search warrants said that both Finnegan and Dishman admitted their crimes after Miranda read the rights.
It is unclear when most of the alleged crimes occurred. The affidavits said they occurred on or after 23 December 2019.
The Oak Ridge Police Department responded to the East Fairview Road house on Wednesday evening for a possible murder report. Oak Ridge City said Thursday morning that investigating officers, who worked with the Attorney General for the Seventh Judiciary overnight, were able to identify the two defendants.
At 4:26 am on Thursday, a search warrant was issued at the house with the help of members of the ORPD SWAT and the Seventh Jurisdiction Crime Task Force.
Paxton’s body was found during the search of the house.