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Sat Hari Khalsa Biography

Sat Hari Khalsa Biography

Sat Hari Khalsa is an American Entrepreneur, Jewelry Designer, and Spiritual Guru Healer from Los Angeles, California. On September 25, 2019, she gained huge public as well as media attention after coming out as the lover of Brad Pitt (actor and film producer).

In her early adulthood, she expanded her knowledge of holistic healing and ended up touring with an internationally famous rock band as their personal healer, building up a vast clientele of celebrities, entertainment, and business professionals.

She often gave her pieces away as gifts. With encouragement from her clients and friends, she decided to start designing professionally, bringing all her wisdom and experience of holistic health, the properties of gems, and spiritual symbolism into each piece.

Sat Hari Khalsa Career, jewelryBussiness, Movies

While in India, she became very enamored by precious gems, jewelry, and ancient symbolism, and it was during this time she began to design and make jewelry as well as learning alternative health practices while living a very spiritually based lifestyle.

Sat Hari would visit the local pundit/astrologer/gem dealer, and he would explain the symbolism and power of different stones. Then he would tell what to wear, where to wear it and the reasons behind all of that.

Sat Hari Khalsa runs AMRIT Jewelry, and her pieces have been worn by the likes of Cassie Ventura, Kate Bosworth, Malin Akerman, Cara Delevingne, Melanie Griffith, Ozzy Osbourne, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Courtney Cox, Cassie wearing, Rosamund Pike, Gwen Stefani, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Jennifer Aniston among others.

He initially became very successful in the early 90s after appearing in the films like A River Runs Through It, Thelma & Louise, Legends of the Fall, and Interview with the Vampire.

His performance in the movies such as 12 Monkeys and Seven gave him Academy Award nominations. As a producer, he created “The Departed” and “12 Years a Slave”. Both the films won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Sat Hari Khalsa Age

She is 50 years old.

Sat Hari Khalsa Daughter

She has a daughter named Amrit.

Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Sat Hari Khalsa

According to Wikipedia, Sat Hari Khalsa began a romantic relationship with movie star boyfriend “William Bradley Pitt” three months back. 12 Years a Slave film producer has first seen with Sat back in 2018 at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Gala.

Brad Pitt is dating Sat Hari Khalsa. They first sparked dating rumors in 2018, when they were photographed at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Gala, an annual benefit thrown by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, according to Us Weekly.

Pitt was previously married to Jennifer Aniston from 2000 to 2005 and Angelina Jolie from 2014 to 2016. He and Jolie are parents of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne. He was previously linked to MIT professor Neri Oxman.

Sat Hari Khalsa Instagram

Sat Hari Khalsa doesn’t appear to have a personal Instagram. Her company’s page is a mixture of photos of her pieces and photos from her travels and personal life.

She has shared several photos of celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, wearing her pieces.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Brad Pitt has reportedly moved on following his 2016 split with Angelina Jolie
  • The actor is said to be dating a woman called Sat Hari Khalsa, a jewelry maker
  • Brad and Sat Hari were seen spending time cozied together at a recent event
  • Brad Pitt’s girlfriend was born to her father and mother in 1969 in the United States of America. But her actual birthdate is not available on the internet. Sat Hari Khalsa’s age is 50 years old, as of 2019.
  • The jewelry designer’s parents later sent her to India in order to receive her education.
  • As per a source, she completed an ozone therapy course from a boarding school in India (name not available).
  • During her stay in India, Sat learned about making pieces of jewelry, precious gems, and the ancient symbolism.
  • The celebrity partner has a child i.e. girl named Amrit from a previous relationship. But Khalsa never mentioned anything about her ex-husband on her social media account.
  • Sat Hari even launched her own jewelry line after her daughter’s name “AMRIT Jewelry”.
  • In fact, Emma Watson (English actress, model, and activist) is one of their prestigious clients who wore their choker at the New York Film Festival 2017.
  • Emma also wore Amrit’s jewelry piece at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast.
  • Furthermore, the singer Gwen Stefani also spotted wearing Sat’s “Make Love bangles” on the red carpet.
  • On Instagram, it is even revealed that her boyfriend’s ex-spouse Jennifer also wore Khalsa’s pieces of jewelry.