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Saskia Jones Biography

Saskia Jones is identified as the victim of the London Bridge attack by knifeman Usman khan. She has died on the spot. She was a former Cambridge student from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Saskia Jones Age

She was 23 years old.

Saskia Jones Dies in London Bridge Attack

The attack started at a local conference venue and police were called to the scene at 1:58 p.m. local time, said Cressida Dick, the commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. Five minutes later, police confronted the attacker, she said, adding that members of the public showed “extraordinary courage” by stepping in to tackle him.
Armed officers from the City of London Police shot and killed the suspect, who died at the scene, said Neil Basu, the department’s assistant commissioner for specialist operations. Police officers in Britain generally do not carry guns.

London Bridge Stabbing Victims

The three wounded were being treated at two local hospitals in the city, the London Ambulance Service said in a statement.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan commended the “breathtaking heroism” of civilians “who literally ran towards danger” without knowing the device strapped to the suspect was a fake. “I want to say thank you to them on behalf of all Londoners,” Khan said.
“We must — and we will — stay resolute in our determination to stand strong and united in the face of terror,” Khan said in a statement. “Those who seek to attack us and divide us will never succeed.”
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “to the best of our knowledge the incident has been contained,” but he urged the public to remain vigilant. “One cannot help but think back to what happened in 2017 in the same part of the city,” Johnson said.

Saskia Jones Support for Criminal Victims

Saskia had a great passion for providing support to victims of criminal injustice, which led her to apply for the police graduate recruitment programme, wishing to specialise in victim support.” The victims of this attack really were the best of people

Cambridge University Statement

In a statement on Sunday, Cambridge University’s vice-chancellor, Prof Stephen J Toope, said: “I am devastated to learn that among the victims of the London Bridge attack were staff and alumni of the University of Cambridge, taking part in an event to mark five years of the Learning Together programme.
“What should have been a joyous opportunity to celebrate the achievements of this unique and socially transformative programme, hosted by our Institute of Criminology, was instead disrupted by an unspeakable criminal act.”
He added: “Our university condemns this abhorrent and senseless act of terror. Our condolences, our thoughts and our deepest sympathies are with the victims and their families.”
Saskia Jones was one of those students makes you so proud to be in this job. I’m so sorry that the world won’t get to see what she could have achieved. She was one of a kind and loved justice, she would have been a force for good and I’m so sorry for us all that we’ve lost her.

Saskia Jones Tributes

Her family paid tribute to her on Sunday as a “funny, kind, positive influence at the centre of many people’s lives”.
“She had a wonderful sense of mischievous fun and was generous to the point of always wanting to see the best in all people,” they said in a statement.
“She was intent on living life to the full and had a wonderful thirst for knowledge, enabling her to be the best she could be.
“Saskia had a great passion for providing invaluable support to victims of criminal injustice, which led her to the point of recently applying for the police graduate recruitment program, wishing to specialize in victim support.
“This is an extremely painful time for the family. Saskia will leave a huge void in our lives and we would request that our privacy is fully respected.”

Fast Facts You Need to Know