Sarmistha Sen (Texas Scientist Found Dead) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Death and Cause

Sarmistha Sen (Texas Scientist Found Dead) Wiki – Sarmistha Sen Bio

Texas scientist Sarmistha Sen left for an early morning jog on Saturday and never returned home. Police say she was murdered.
Fox 4 reports that less than two hours after Sen left for her morning jog, a witness spotted a body around 25 feet below a creek near Legacy Drive and Marchman Way in Plano, at around 7:20 a.m.
Police call 29-year old Bakari Moncrief, who is a suspect in a burglary Saturday morning, a person of interest in the murder of 43-year-old Sarmistha Sen.

But for the burglary, Moncrief’s bond was set at an unusually high $1 million.
A police document and the man whose home was broken into are shedding new light on Moncrief.
A man who was suspected of robbing a house in the area that morning and identified as 29-year-old Bakari Moncrief is now dealing with the case. Moncrief caught a Ring doorbell camera that allegedly entered a dwelling near Michael Drive early Saturday morning.
Police said the landlord’s windshield was broken and his family room was searched. The landlord’s truck windshield was also shattered, and an upstairs television was moved downstairs.
“What we don’t know and still try to identify is which of these came first, which of these crimes happened first. First was theft or murder? “Plano Police Department spokesman David Tilley told NBC DFW.
“I have been in this department for 23 years and I cannot remember such an incident; our paths were always safe … The location of the theft and the place of the body in the creek was very close, probably 30, 40 meters away.”
However, according to the Local Profile, neighbors said there was an increasing number of drug addicts and homeless people in the community due to the proximity to the footpaths.
“COVID-19 and unemployment bring people from outside our society, and it’s dangerous,” said a neighbor.
Police detained Moncrief at a gas station close to the crime and arrested him on charges of theft. Caught while charging his phone in one of the store’s outdoor power outlets.
“I’m not a coward,” he told Moncrief’s arrest officer. According to the details captured in the security footage, Plano made similar statements while entering his house.
While Moncrief remains behind bars for a $ 1 million bond for burglary charges, authorities hope to extract and test DNA evidence from a rock allegedly used to break the house window.
According to Bridge of Care, Sen grew up in Sindri, India and moved to Plano with her husband in 2004. He studied at the University of Texas in Dallas and the University of Birmingham in Alabama.
Throughout most of his professional career, Sen has worked on cancer research. He was the clinical research manager at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center.
“Sarmistha lived a free and fearless life that inspired many with her infectious energy and carefree smile,” her family wrote to CaringBridge. “Sarmistha was an avid runner, gardener and great cook. She lived a healthy and mindful life and was able to cook extremely healthy meals that tasted incredibly good. ”
Sren leaves one husband and two children behind.
Meanwhile, the victim’s friends and neighbors honored him with a vigil on Wednesday night.
The organizers say it’s a mix of friends, family, neighbors, and even people standing next to those who gather to pay their respects.
The gathered sang prayer songs, some of Sens’s favorites. His friends say he likes to sing and they admire him for it.
While it was a bit windy for candles, there were 43 candles together during its 43 years of life. The participation of close friends was very impressed.
Friends encouraged people to donate to organizations that support cancer research in their honor. You were a cancer researcher and devoted a lot of time to this.