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Sarmistha Sen Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Sarmistha Sen Biography, Sarmistha Sen Wiki

According to the Sarmistha Sen Caring Bridge page, She was born on Jan. 2, 1977 and grew up Sindri, India.
She later moved to Bangalore “for higher studies and work,” the website continues. Sen then married  Arindam Roy and moved to Plano in 2004
Sarmistha Sen was a 43-year-old Indian-origin researcher in the US was killed while she was out jogging in Plano, a suburb near Dallas, and police have initiated a homicide investigation, according to media reports.
According to the police, Sarmistha Sen, who was based in Plano, Texas, was randomly attacked and killed while jogging on August 1 near the Chisholm Trail Park.
Her body was found lying in the creek-area near Legacy Drive and Marchman Way by a passer-by, according to a report in the WFAA.Com.
Sen was a pharmacist and researcher who studied molecular biology and worked with cancer patients
In her professional life, Sen was a cancer researcher and specialized in clinical trials for cancer drugs. She worked for Dallas Children’s Hospital and most recently with U.T. Southwestern.
Sumit told WFAA his sister lived life with purpose. He said she was environmentally conscious and a go-getter in the purest sense. They would talk almost every day. The shock of the incident has worn off but he said he is filled with love as he saw the growing memorial of shoes in front of the tree.
“She loved the feeling of the ground below her feet,” Sumit said. He said she took that trail for more than 15 years early in the morning before her children woke up.
She is survived by Roy and her two sons, Neil, 12, and Ryan, 6.
Sen’s news of death received great support from his friends and family.
Her brother Sumit told KDFW that she immediately contacted anyone she had met deeply on a personal level with a very contagious smile and energy.
“He lived a free and fearless life that inspired many people with his infectious energy and carefree smile,” says the Caring Bridge page.
The website claims that two mothers love to cook and garden.
“He lived a healthy and careful life and was able to cook extremely healthy food with incredibly good taste.”
He was also a trained singer in “Indian classical music” who liked to teach and practice.
KDFW reported that Sen ran Chisholm Trail every morning just before awakening his children.
NBC DFW added that on Monday the society came together to decorate the two trees with hundreds of sneakers in Sen’s memory.
The shoes were collected on Tuesday afternoon and donated to Trusted World, the charity since then, according to the station.
NBC DFW, referring to 29-year-old Bakari Abiona Moncrief, stated that the authorities are “interested in detention”.
Officer David Tilley, spokesperson for the Plano Police Department, said Moncrief was arrested and accused of a theft that occurred roughly 30 to 40 meters from where Sen’s body was located that same morning.
“What we don’t know and still try to identify is which of these came first, which of these crimes happened first. Did the theft happen first or was it murder? ”NBC expressed to DFW.
According to a police statement from the police station, Moncrief was a non-state resident “who were visiting relatives from another town outside Plano in the town”.
He was not charged with the murder and the investigation continues, the exit continued.
GoFundMe was created by Sen’s husband on August 4.
The purpose of the donation collector is to raise money for charitable institutions “Sarmistha cares deeply about, such as Cancer Awareness, Cancer research, healthy life and environmental protection”.
So far, over 190 donors have raised over $ 16,000.
A petition was also created to demand justice for you. As of Tuesday afternoon, the petition had received more than 21,000 signatures.
The page says:
“We would like to petition you to ensure that Sarmistha’s killer is found, duly charged for the crime and receives the punishment under the law that he or she deserves, for committing this heinous act which has debilitated this family with two young children who are now motherless.”
A day after the incident, strangers, neighbours and friends surrounded two trees near the park with flowers and hundreds of running shoes.
“It touched me. It’s great when I’ve seen hundreds of shoes because you know what, people care,” Mario Major, close friend of the family, was quoted as saying by WFAA.Com.
“Why would something like this happen to someone who’s such a great human being?” Major said.
Aneesh Chintala, who visited the memorial on Sunday to pay his respects, said, “I’m upset. I feel really bad for the family. My heart goes out to them because I know they were a nice family.”
Her neighbours are also planning a memorial run next Saturday in her memory.
All of the shoes were picked up Tuesday evening from the two adjacent memorial sites.  According to the nonprofit’s website, Trusted World “is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides clothing, non-perishable food and personal care items to local organizations who are prominent authorities and passionate advocates for individuals in need of assistance to ensure their economic security.”
A walk/run organized in Sen’s honor is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 8. Participants are asked to meet at Jack Carter Park at 6:30 a.M. Where they will head to Marchman and Legacy Drive in Plano.
The family has also organized a fundraiser through Caring Bridge, where funds will go to help causes important to Sarmistha Sen: cancer research and environmental issues.