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Sarah Stitt (Kevin Stitt’s Wife) Wiki – Sarah Stitt (Kevin Stitt’s Wife) Biography

Sarah Stitt is the wife of Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. The governor announced Wednesday that he tested positive for the coronavirus — making him the first governor in the U.S. to have a documented infection, according to the New York Times.
The newspaper said that Kevin Stitt felt good at a video conference and did not know how or when the infection was transmitted. The Republicans continued to say that the test results did not affect the decision to avoid ordering masks across the state.
“Probably I am currently getting tons of text from other governors of the country,” according to NYT. “I was very surprised to be the first governor to take her.”
According to state health data, Oklahoma has seen more than 22,000 reported COVID-19 cases and more than 430 deaths. The state set a one-day record on Tuesday with more than 990 new events.
The governor claimed that he did not believe he had a serious lawsuit, the newspaper continued.
“It feels a little cold, maybe a little cold starts to feel like it is now, but I feel really good,” he said during the video interview.
Sarah Stitt, who has been married to the governor for more than 21 years, tested negatively for the virus, as well as six children. The family lives together in Tulsa.
First Lady has not yet commented on her husband’s diagnosis.

Who is Sarah Stitt

Stitt grew up in Tulsa in a household marked by mental illness, Metro Family Magazine reported. Her mother struggled with untreated mental illnesses that stemmed from her own childhood.
For this reason, the dynamic magazine “Stitt has greatly influenced the households” continued. Her mother attempted suicide several times and a sister developed a drug addiction.
I still remember that a young girl and teenager felt very lonely or overwhelmed at certain times. “But I have decided that everything that happens in my life between the ages of 14-15 can be used to improve myself and the lives of others. I had to adopt this way of thinking and keep my head upright. There were still hard times, I felt lonely and helpless, but I just tried to make the right decisions. ”
According to the Metro magazine, Stitt trained at home until he was young.
First Lady is now dedicated to erasing the stigma surrounding the mental health.
“As a child, I was not allowed to talk about matters in my family because my mother was afraid of not being judged or what people would think,” Stitt said. “It isolates families and prevents them from getting the resources to help them walk in their lives.”


Sarah founded the Gateway Mortgage Group with her husband in 2000. She continued his career in a residential home just two years after the couple married in 1998.
The professional experiences of the Tulsa native helped shape her path as the First Lady. Metro armed him with his “strong work ethic, love of learning, grace under pressure, and a public speech gift that everyone speaks to”.
“Sometimes I think,“ What am I doing here? ”Stitt said to the magazine, laughing. “I am an informal person and I feel like [sometimes] overwhelmed or least skilled for it.”

Mental Health Program

According to her biography on the state website, Stitt is dedicated to raising awareness of ACES, which are Adverse Childhood Experiences that can contribute to mental health diagnoses.
The experiences can be reversed through “caring relationships and provision of pathways to success,” the site reads.
Stitt is also working to funnel state resources to non-profits geared toward fighting ACES “every day,” the page continues.
“Sarah firmly believes that there can be a hope for a bright future for every Oklahoman,” the site says.