Jeffrey Epstein Sexual Scandal Victim: Sarah Ransome Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sarah Ransome Biography

Sarah Ransome Biography

Sarah Ransome was born in 1984 and from South Africa. She was one of the Jeffrey Epstein sex slaves and escaped in 2007 when Epstein sent her to South Africa to look for a young personal assistant. She was raped three times the day she tried to make her dramatic escape, she said.

Sarah Ransome Age

She is 35 years old.

Sarah Ransome Education, Early Career

She moved to the US after dropping out of university in Edinburgh and taking up a place at fashion school in New York.

Sarah Ransome Parents, Family

Sarah Ransome was born in South Africa to British parents. She is the granddaughter of Lord Gordon Macpherson, the second baron of Drumochter, was introduced to Epstein aged 22 in 2006 after being approached by a woman in a nightclub in New York.

Sarah Ransome escape from ‘pedophile island’ by swimming through shark-infested waters

Sarah Ransome is a victim of Jeffrey Epstein,  told how she tried to escape through shark-infested waters in a bid to get away from his notorious ‘pedophile island’.

Ransome recalled jumping on a quad bike to flee and planning to attempt to swim several miles to neighboring St. Thomas.

But she was spotted on surveillance cameras that lined Epstein’s island and was quickly stopped by a team of his staff, she told the British paper.

Ransome went on to become one of the key accusers who helped expose Epstein’s depravity before the 66-year-old killed himself last month in a Manhattan lockup while facing new sex-trafficking charges.

Sarah Ransome Jeffrey Epstein Accuser

Sarah Ransome alleges that she was lured to Epstein’s Caribbean island in 2006, when she was 22, and raped up to three times a day by Epstein and other men.

She filed a lawsuit in 2017 against Epstein, his confidante Ghislaine Maxwell, and three alleged assistants, claiming she was sexually abused over the course of seven months.

U.S Attorney General William Barr ordered an investigation by the Department of Justice Inspector General in addition to the FBI investigation, saying he was “appalled” by Epstein’s death in federal custody. During the time of his death, he was 66 years old.

Like other girls, she was tricked by Ghislaine Maxwell who has been accused of acting like a “madame” for Jeffrey Epstein. Ghislaine made Jeffrey look good. Sarah first met Maxwell on the Island and told that she and Epsteins were more like friends or siblings than a couple.

In September 2006, Sarah came to New York to pursue her career and during that time she was 22 years old. However, everything was not fine with her and was broken, Sarah once approached by another woman at a Manhattan nightclub and gushed about Epsteins and said he helped me achieve my dreams.

Sarah Ransome was convinced by that woman and packed her bag for a trip to his Caribbean island. They boarded Lolita Express its a private jet of Epstein and quickly saw his perverted side of him. After reaching the Island he started to abuse her and in an interview, she told that.

“There were some days I was raped three times a day. And then he would rape others,” she said, adding that she had to be readily available for Epstein and his friends, whom he “lent us out to.” According to NYPost. Later, she said “In six months I never saw him do a day’s work. I never saw him work. He was sexually abusing us all day long.”

Later, Sarah Ransome moved to New York and lived in an Upper East Side apartment building owned by Epstein, even there she was prevented from becoming friends with any of his other girls. Moreover, he forced her to lose weight and see a psychiatrist of his choosing.

Back in Island, Sarah was so determined to escape Epstein she tried to swim through shark-infested waters and gambled her life in the Caribbean waters. After escaping from him she filed a suit against Epstein and Maxwell in 2017. Sarah alleged that Maxwell hired her to give massages to Epstein and later threatened to physically harm her or destroy her career prospects if she did not comply with their sexual demands at his mansion in New York and on his private Caribbean island, Little Saint James. The suit was settled in 2018 under undisclosed terms.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Sarah Ransome says she was lured to Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island 
  • Tried to escape on quad bike then swam through shark-infested waters, she said
  • Ransome was recruited by a woman in a New York night club aged 22 in 2006
  • She eventually escaped while living in his Manhattan building and filed a lawsuit 

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