Sarah Kellen Biography

Jeffrey Epstein’s Female Fixer: Sarah Kellen Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sarah Kellen Biography

Sarah Kellen was the assistant of Jeffrey Epstein in 2012. She is allegedly kept a Rolodex of young women to recruit for trysts with Jeffrey Epstein. She has since married NASCAR racecar driver Brian Vickers and started her own interior design firm called SLK designs. A recent article by The Daily Beast refers to public records showing that Kellen once operated SLK from a midtown Manhattan building owned by Epstein’s brother.

Sarah Kellen Age

She is 44 years old

Sarah Kellen Epstein Female Fixer

Jeffrey Epstein’s female fixer, who allegedly procured underage girls for him to sexually abuse and was the keeper of his little black book, was still socializing with the convicted pedophile in 2012, exclusive pictures obtained by can reveal.

Sarah Kellen was seen cozied up to Epstein in February 2012 as they walked along Madison Avenue in Manhattan deep in conversation, before heading to Epstein’s $77 million townhouses.

Sarah Kellen Accused

Kellen was accused of making massage appointments for Epstein and pressuring young girls into not talking to police who said they were ‘intimidated and frightened by her,’ according to the Miami Herald.

Sarah Kellen Married, Husband, Personal Life

She spent several years in Hawaii and began dating NASCAR driver Brian Vickers in 2012, where she began popping up in pit lane at his races.

The couple became engaged in the summer of 2013 and married in September 2013 in Wyoming, according to local reports.

After her marriage to Vickers, 35, she re-invented herself as an interior designer and jet-sets around the world following her husband’s career. In recent years, she has been pictured in Singapore, New York, Miami, Tokyo and Capri.

The couple divide their time between their homes in New York, Miami and North Carolina.

She is the owner of SLK Designs, an interior design company. Public records with the New York Division of Corporations shows that SLK DESIGNS, LLC was established in May 2012.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Sarah Kellen labored as Jeffrey Epstein’s fixer and at some stage in that point allegedly procured underage girls for him to sexually abuse and kept his little black ebook
  • She becomes seen with the billionaire financier in February 2012 taking walks with him in Manhattan, deep in communique before heading to Epstein’s $77M townhouse
  • Kellen, now forty, become accused of making massage appointments for Epstein and pressuring younger ladies into no longer talking to police
  • Kellen become given federal immunity below Epstein’s non-prosecution settlement in 2007, made with Trump’s former Secretary of hard work Alexander Acosta
  • After averting prosecution, Kellen took steps to hide her sordid past – she went from a blonde to a brunette and re-emerged as Sarah Kensington
  • She spent several years in Hawaii and started out courting NASCAR driving force Brian Vickers in 2012, who she later married and now is going by Sarah Kellen Vickers
  • Epstein, sixty-six, turned into arrested and charged on Saturday with counts of underage intercourse trafficking

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