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Sara Burkett is a two-time survivalist fighting for redemption on Sunday’s edition of Nak*d and Afraid. Participants of the show are left in a remote location for 21 days. They must make their own shelter and find their own food. The only thing they have with them is one choice item and a partner, who is chosen for them by producers. This time around, Sara was partnered with Bulent Gurcan, who is also seeking redemption.
The first time Sara appeared on the series, she had to leave the adventure early after she injured her eye while hiking in Panama with her partner, Kate Wentworth. She had a previous injury to that eye and medically tapped out on Day 12. She couldn’t open her eye without pain and it was sensitive to light. A medic for the series told her she had to go home, or she would risk permanent damage to her eye.
This time around, Sara wants to make it the full 21 days. Instead of Panama, she and Bulent will be surviving in Mexico. While she’s ready to go, her biggest challenge might be the same person who’s helping her survive. Previews of Sunday’s episode show Sara and Bulent sparring over eating snails and Bulent saying he’d hate to have a partner that was a millennial who learned about survival through YouTube videos.
They tolerated each other during the challenge, but Bulent and Sara were able to get past their differences once they went back home. “We have mutual respect for one another and we’re good friends now but in a survival situation, we did not see eye-to-eye on pretty much anything,” Sara told in an exclusive interview. “He saw things differently than I did. There was a lot of friction. We didn’t talk very much so when we did talk it just seemed like we were butting heads.”

One of the problems was how they communicated with each other. But, also, Sara had a hard time asking for Bulent to help her.

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