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Sam Connor Bio

Sam Connor Bio

Sam Connor a tragic school student suicide to jump in front of the train after writing a note containing the passcode needed to access his smartphone – as it emerged his school had been warned about ‘extreme bullying’ on trains months earlier.

Sam Connor Age

He was 14 years old.

Sam Connor Death

Sam Connor Suicide on Monday in front of at least 50 school Students fellow and friends from his Catholic comprehensive in Surrey who watched in horror from the platform.

Sam Connor Suspect Bullying Boys

The brief message noted by sam is also said to have contained two names, which are not being made public, and the 14-year-old handed it to a friend with his mobile and bag before he lay down in front of a train at Chertsey station, it has emerged.

Peoples Reaction on Sam Connor Death after Bullying

Today’s revelation raises serious concerns about the online bullying that the 14-year-old allegedly suffered, and comes as a train passenger warned the school about ‘extreme bullying’ and ‘horrendous behavior’ of students months before.

Sam Connor Father

The father claims he saw a boy being hit round the head and a 12-year-old girl being questioned by a group of youngsters about her sexuality.

The engineer father-of-two, who did not want to be named, told The Sun: ‘There was a clear of the culture of bullying at the school going on at the time but to them, it appears the responsibility ends at the school gates.

‘It shouldn’t take a boy dying for the school to sit up and take notice.’

In an email sent to the school, he added he would ‘not consider sending my children to your school.’

School Students Parents Reaction Atter Sam Tragic Death

Several parents at the school said he was being bullied.

One mother said her two daughters had told her Sam was being picked on.

Another mother said: ‘When I got the emails and texts from the school telling me what had happened I just burst into tears.

‘I spoke with my daughters when they came home about what had happened. They said it was Sam and said everyone was talking about him being bullied.

‘If this is true there has to be an investigation. How bad can it be that a 14-year-old boy wants to take his own life. I just cannot comprehend what he must have been feeling.’

Police Investigation, Statement

A British Transport Police source told MailOnline: ‘There is nothing in our investigation to suggest that it was anything other than a deliberate act.’

Sam’s Headteacher James Kibble said in a letter to parents today that he’s ‘confident bullying will not be an issue’ when the police investigation into the death is completed.

Investigators hope his phone will contain clues that lead them to concrete conclusions about the reasons for his death – but despite police treating his death as deliberate some have claimed it was a ‘terrible accident’ during a ‘prank gone wrong’.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Sam Connor handed suicide Letter, Cell, and Bag to his fellow
  • He limbed off the platform and was hit by a train in Chertsey, Surrey
  • Witness told there were more than 50 schoolchildren watched on screaming and calling out to him 
  • Heartbroken relatives have claimed the schoolboy was being bullied online 
  • Headteacher James Kibble told the parent he’s ‘confident bullying won’t be an issue’