Sage Robbins Biography

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Sage Robbins Biography

Sage Robbins is Tony Robbins’ wife. Prior to her marriage to Robbins, when she was married to another man (Canadian businessman John Lynch) she went by “Bonnie Lynch.” The pair were married in 2001. This marks Robbins’ second marriage: his first marriage was to Becky Robbins in 1984.

Sage Robbins Biography

On Instagram, Robbins celebrated his 20th anniversary to Sage in February (likely marking the date they started seeing one another, as they’ve only been married for 18 years), on none other than Valentine’s Day. He wrote,

Today I am blessed to be celebrating 20 years with my wife, my love, my partner on this path, my Sage!! You are truly the most magnificent gift of my life. Living this mission with you is my greatest joy & I give thanks for the depth of your love today & every day. Your pure light is the oxygen to my soul.❤️

Shares Good Bond With American Entrepreneur Husband

After the feud with her ex-husband over her illicit relationship with Tony, Sage officially took Tony as her husband. Her husband Tony thinks the right strategy hinders most of the people to find a significant relationship even though one needs the procedure in life.

With his belief, the duo shares a good bond and is relishing their nearly 17 years of espoused life. Tony also gushed their 19 years of togetherness on Instagram and shared a picture of their beautiful snapshot via his Instagram on 10 June 2018. The American entrepreneur said he was grateful to be married to Sage who is his best friend and love. Tony assured that he is privileged to share a lifetime with his beautiful wife, Sage Robbins.

Sage Robbins and her husband Tony Robbins in a picture posted on 10 June 2018 (Photo: Instagram)

Tony took his Instagram and shared their photo on 4 July 2018 wishing Sage ‘Happy Fourth of July.’ He also revealed that in a couple of days, the duo would go to Chicago and spend their vacation.

Sage Robbins Biography

The American entrepreneur further wished Sage on her 46th birthday on 5 August 2018. He uploaded the couple’s photo wishing her ‘Happy Birthday’ and did not hesitate to express his love. The life coach described Tony as his ‘amazing wife’ and mentioned that the author would always be grateful for her till eternity. He also affirmed to the birthday girl that living with her is his greatest mission and joy of his life.

The couple visited the event producer John Turbett during the early August weekend. John, who is also their event production camera chief, has been on their team for over 20 years. Sage stated she is deeply touched by their courageous brother John and his sense of humor and resilience. Despite suffering from Leukemia, John had a mighty spirit and walked a journey healing his body from the grievous disease. He is receiving treatment from the Denver hospital and Sage’s husband Tony also spoke regarding medical miracle treatment at the Vatican’s Unite to Cure conference.

With the long roller coaster ride in their relationship, Sage and her husband, Tony Robbins has now crossed the 20 years of togetherness this year, 2019.  On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2019, her husband, Tony shared the happy news of their two decades’ relationship via Instagram, where he shared an adorable couple’s goal picture. In the caption, he expressed his happiness saying that he felt blessed to celebrate 20 years with his wife. He prefers to call his wife, Sage as the most magnificent gift of his life.

Tony has a son named Josh Robbins, who is a chief strategy officer at America’s Best 401k.

How Does Sage Robbins Gather Net Worth?

Sage Robbins has mostly derived her net worth as a Canadian actress. Her 2001 movie, Shallow Hal grossed a box office of $141.1 million. The box-office success movie hit the theatres with a production budget of $40 million. Sage has gathered revenues from Conundrum Entertainment as she portrayed the role of Tony Robbins Fan in the 20th Century Fox American romantic comedy film.

Sage Robbins Biography

She has also gathered income from her role in 2016 TV series, Super Soul Sunday and 2016 documentary, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. Her job as a clerk of a health food store before her acting career has further secured to boost her wealth.

As for her husband Tony Robbins, he has accumulated a net worth of $500 million. Tony has mostly secured his income from his job as an American entrepreneur. His stint as an author, philanthropist, and life coach has further helped him to achieve his astounding net worth. At the age of 58, Tony is the founder of several companies that have $6 billion estimated earnings in annual sales. Sage is also enjoying her husband’s half-billion net worth along with the luxurious lifestyle.

Sage Often Appears With Her Husband to Give Relationship Advice

Though Sage has not made a career out of giving inspirational and motivational speeches, she often appears alongside her husband to give advice to other couples on relationships.

Though Sage doesn’t appear to have her own social media, she often uses Robbins’ Instagram account to send her own messages. For example, she used his Instagram to wish him a happy birthday, releasing a video in which she said in part, “Happy, happy birthday. Thank you for the miracle of your life, hon. 20 years ago, God bless my life, my soul, my being…and it only continues to get that much more beautiful…I love you from my soul, Ton.”

10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Robbins was accused by a collection of named and unnamed sources on Friday 
  • They aired their claims in a BuzzFeed article – he has denied them all 
  • The self-help guru’s arena shows have long been shrouded in secrecy because filming is banned
  • Leaked transcripts of them and of conversations he allegedly had with staff, however, share details of the alleged abuse 
  • Among them is him telling a woman who said she had been raped that she was using it to ‘manipulate men’
  • Another was told that her ‘abusive’ husband had had to ‘put up with her being a b**tch’ 
  • Some of the women still support him and say the experiences were ‘life-transforming’ 
  • Former assistants have complained, claiming he pursued them sexually after they had told him they weren’t interested
  • Robins denied every allegation, calling some ‘preposterous’, in a Medium article published in full below

Sage Robbins Biography