Rowdy Lee Aguilar

Who is Rowdy Lee Aguilar (Stabbed Friend 26 Time) Biography, Wiki, Age, Crime Record, Family, Charges, Statement, Motive

Rowdy Lee Aguilar (Stabbed Friend 26 Time) Biography, Wiki

Rowdy Lee Aguilar is best known as a Utah boy, who was charged as an adult on Thursday in connection with last month’s murder of his 15-year-old friend.

How Old is Rowdy Lee Aguilar?

He is 17 years old.

Rowdy Lee Aguilar Stabbed Ivan Vetecnik

On May 26, Rowdy Lee Aguilar allegedly stabbed Ivan Vetecnik 26 times, including a fatal wound to his neck, and dismembered his body. Later that day, Aguilar’s father was looking for his son when he discovered Vetecnik’s body inside a utility trailer he owns, according to KSTU.

When was Ivan Vetecnik Found Dead?

The morning before the victim’s body was found, surveillance cameras reportedly filmed the teens going into Aguilar’s home. That afternoon, Aguilar was allegedly filmed leaving the residence in a bloody t-shirt. Footage also showed him walking to a field behind his house on two instances — once carrying a black trash bag and the second time with a white trash bag, KSL reported.

Officers reportedly found Vetecnik’s limbs inside the bags. They also discovered a knife in the trailer that was consistent with the victim’s injuries and resembled other knives in the suspect’s home, according to the news outlet.

Rowdy Lee Aguilar Father

Aguilar’s father told police that the trailer where Vetecnik’s remains were found reeked of cleaner.

Rowdy Lee Aguilar Charges

Rowdy Lee Aguilar is charged in 3rd District Court with aggravated murder, a first-degree felony, and three other charges in the death of Ivan Nickolas “Nick” Vetecnik on May 26.

Aguilar faces additional counts of obstructing justice, a second degree felony, escape from custody, and abuse of desecration of a human body, both third-degree felonies.

Rowdy Lee Aguilar Crime Record

Police noted the 17-year-old “has a little criminal history, but seemingly out of nowhere, Aguilar brutally killed and dismembered his 15-year-old friend,” according to charging documents.

Aguilar’s father called police that day after finding a body in a cargo trailer he owns while he was looking for his son, the charges say. Officers noted the trailer “smelled strong of cleaning agents” and found the dismembered body and cleaning supplies inside.


Court documents don’t indicate any motive but say surveillance footage from both of the teenagers’ homes shows the boys went into Aguilar’s home that morning. In the afternoon, Aguilar emerged wearing a bloodied T-shirt and made two trips to a field behind his house, carrying a black trash bag the first time and a white garbage bag the second time, the charges state.

The bags appeared to be the same ones police found in a search of property around the trailer, and the limbs inside the bags were later identified by a medical examiner as Vetecnik’s, prosecutors allege. Officers also found a knife in the trailer that they say matched Nick’s injuries and other knives from Aguilar’s home.

Rowdy Lee Aguilar Arrested

When police arrested him, they noticed he appeared to have blood on his right hand, pants, socks, and shoes, according to the court documents.

While Aguilar was waiting to be questioned at a police station, a camera captured him standing up, grabbing his handcuffs and pulling them, causing them to break free from the wall. He then tried to leave the room, the charges state.

Rowdy Lee Aguilar Statement

In an interview with detectives, Aguilar allegedly said he didn’t know Vetecnik and wasn’t involved in his death, explaining that he had been at his girlfriend’s house all day and had wounds on his hands from cutting himself while preparing ribs for a barbecue.

Aguilar later “admitted to being in the trailer with the victim and stated, ‘I did it,'” according to the charges.

The Utah Office of the Medical Examiner determined Vetecnik was stabbed in the head 26 times, with one wound penetrating his skull and a fatal injury to his neck.

In the days after his death, friends and family recalled the 15-year-old as a “gentle giant” who was mourning the deaths of his parents. He lost his mother to cancer in 2019 and his father to a fatal heart attack in December, they said. He was planning to make the most of this summer by getting a job and going fishing.

KSL reported that while awaiting questioning, Aguilar stood up, grabbed his handcuffs, and pulled them — causing them to rip out the wall. He allegedly then attempted to leave.

Medical Examination Reports

In addition to a fatal neck wound, the medical examiner reportedly also discovered a stab wound that penetrated the victim’s skull.

Killers Motive

Aguilar was charged with aggravated murder, abuse or desecration of a human body, obstructing justice, and escape. A motive in last month’s slaying remains undisclosed.

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