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Rowan Thompson Wiki – Rowan Thompson Biography

A gender-changing private school student strangled and stabbed his mother 118 times before making a creepy 999 call to the police saying ‘bring a body bag’ to the police, an investigation heard today.


Rowan Thompson was visiting her mother, Joanna Thompson, and had just returned for a morning walk when the couple attacked her at the 17-year-old in their country house.


50-year-old Mrs. Thompson was strangled in the living room by Thompson in fainting, and ’10 or 15 minutes later’ she returned 38 times to brutally stab her in the forehead, 64 times in the neck and 16 times in the arm.


At 12:45 on July 1 last year, Thompson called 999 ‘calm, callous, and quite ordinary,’ and said ‘I just killed my mom … I strangled her and stabbed her with various knives.’ and what not ‘.


The police officer, who arrested Thompson at his home in Hambledon, Hampshire, said the teenager was ‘extremely calm and calm’ and ‘seemed more worried for his cat’.


In October, Thompson was found dead at the age of 18 while in custody at a secure mental health facility – just four days before his trial, accused of murdering his mother.


Today, an investigation into the death of speech therapist Mrs. Thompson heard that Thompson had visited her for the weekend, recently moved to live with her father, a magician, in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.


It was heard that Thompson and his mother had “stressful” conversations about living arrangements the night before his death, and he felt “controlling and dominant”.


Thompson, who became asexual and changed his name from Ben, had previously been admitted to mental health hospitals after a suicide attempt and had depressive episodes.


He told the police that he felt ‘strange’ when he was returning from running with his mother, switched to ‘auto pilot’ and ‘did not remember anything’ until he arrived at the police station.


Today, a clip of his shocking 999 police calls was played at the Winchester Coroner’s Court, saying that his mother was ‘sure’ not breathing.


He said: ‘I killed my mother. I need someone arrest me because that’s what you do and an ambulance would be fine.


I strangled him and stabbed him with various knives or something. My younger brother is at school, he will be back tonight. ‘


‘Doesn’t breathe … a body bag or whatever you do. I’m 99.9 percent sure it’s not breathing.


I started to strangle him, he fell to the ground. I strangled him some more and stopped… then I held my hands around him.


Then I started stabbing him and whatever … In the living room.


He cheerfully added: ‘I’m down on the weekend, had dinner and went to the movies with my best friends, which was really cool.’


He also told the 999 operators that he had ‘put the knives in the dishwasher just in case’ and after being arrested on suspicion of murder he told the police ‘that he thought a little more than doubt’.


Ms. Thompson’s sister, Sophie Rugge-Price, said that Thompson moved to live in Barnsley with her wizard father, Marc Thompson, to help her mental health.


He said: ‘For the last few years Rowan has been showing signs of depression and was suicidal, she needed hospitalization.


‘He found it difficult, he was meeting with consultants. He changed his name and gender. ‘


“He was never hostile to him, but he was talking about being on the eggshells around him, he was upset about everything, and he was never sure what to worry about.”


However, she said her sister ‘made some strange comments in the weeks before her death’.


He said: Jo said he wanted me to do it to his son if something happened to him. I didn’t ask about it, I wish it did. ‘


Ms. Rugge-Price also said: ‘When [the police] said that Rowan was being held, this shocked me completely and I really felt sorry for Rowan. It was completely out of my imagination. ‘


Mrs. Thompson’s friend Sarah Ritchie went to run with the couple on the morning of her death and said Thompson was ‘quiet’, adding that no decision had been made to Barnsley as to whether to return or stay in Hambledon.


She said that Thompson tried to commit suicide in 2017 after Ms. Thompson’s brother’s suicide.


Pathologist Dr Basil Purdue said that Ms. Thompson’s neck had broken and 14 of her neck wounds caused ‘too much bleeding’ when she hit the jugular vein.


Despite being unconscious, Thompson concluded that his heart was still beating when he stabbed him 118 times.


Dr John Sandford, a psychiatrist, said that Thompson had minor autism but when he killed his mother ‘there was nothing to show that he suffered from abnormal mental functions’.


However, this was challenged by his father as the two opposing psychiatrist reports prepared by Thompson’s defense attorney at court were not read.

Mr Thompson said: ‘For [Dr Sandford’s] report to be read into the record as a standalone is very biased when there were two other professionals who had opposing views. They said he was mentally incapacitated at the time.’

Coroner Jason Pegg recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.

Mr Pegg said: ‘It seems no one will ever know why [Thompson killed her]. The only person who knows is Rowan and he’s going to be unable to tell us.’

He also said: ‘The evidence I have heard seems to me to suggest that Jo never had any concerns about his conduct towards her, there was no history of hostility towards her.’

Mr Pegg also said: ‘Around 12.45pm on July 1 Rowan dialled 999. In that call he appears in a calm, unemotional and quite ordinary manner to tell the call handler exactly what he has done.

‘He said he made sure that she was not breathing.

‘Jo remained in a state of unconsciousness when Rowan took a knife and and stabbed his mother 118 times. The main focus of Rowan’s attention was him stabbing his mother’s neck.’

Thompson, who studied at the £16,000 a year Churcher’s College in Petersfield, was due to stand trial at Winchester Crown Court on October 7 this year, but was found dead at Prestwich Hospital, Greater Manchester, on October 3, prompting an investigation by authorities.

Police said the death was not suspicious.

Ms Rugge-Price described her sister as a ‘shy, gentle and kind’ mother who was ‘always thinking about others’ and was ‘devoted to both her sons’.

Thompson’s father today claimed his ‘troubled’ son was ‘failed’ by mental health authorities.

Marc Thompson, 51, said more could have been done to help Thompson during the teenager’s two stays at mental health units before he killed his mother.

Mr Thompson alleged that while staying in Southampton, a vital autism report was never produced.

Things would have been different’ if it had been, Mr Thompson said, because his subsequent care would have been tailored to it.

He said Thompson had ‘gender identity issues’ and identified as non-binary but was placed into a unit which ‘segregated boys and girls’, making his issues worse.

Mr Thompson also said the unit in Winchester, where Thompson stayed for around three months before killing his mother, was simply ‘churning him out’ on a ‘conveyor belt’.

Mr Thompson was also critical that only a Crown Prosecution Service psychiatric report was read to the inquest, rather than two reports produced by his defence counsel.

‘We had two defence reports which were the complete opposite to the prosecution’s’, M
r Thompson said. ‘The two reports found that at the time he was suffering from diminished responsibility.

‘Rowan was sectioned within 24 hours of being arrested… but the CPS report was not done until May 2 this year, which is well after the incident and was based on a one hour chat with him.’

Mr Thompson also said: ‘Everyone has assumed his death was suicide but it wasn’t. The first report was inconclusive.

‘His potassium levels, for example, were at a critical level but this was not picked up. The timing of it was the ironic thing.’

Mr Thompson said: ‘It’s a case of a troubled young man who was struggling and has been failed.

‘What he did tore him apart, he loved his mum to bits. He knew what happened was wrong, he couldn’t remember it to his dying day but he knew it was wrong.’

Mr Thompson said his son was ‘never aggressive’, but instead would ‘argue with you intellectually’. He loved fencing, climbing, Rubix cubes, and wanted to become an architect.

An inquest into Rowan’s death is expected to be held next year in Greater Manchester.