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rose mallinger holocaust : A Tribute to the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victim

Rose Mallinger Holocaust

Rose Mallinger Holocaust: Rose Mallinger age 97 was the eldest of the 11 victims murdered in the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation synagogue in Squirrel Hills, Pennsylvania allegedly perpetrated by avowed anti-Semite Robert Bowers, now charged federally and facing life in prison.  Rose Mallinger holocaust youngest victim was age 54. Seven out of the 11 killed were alive during the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Rose Mallinger lived nearby in the heavily Jewish Squirrel Hill neighborhood and was a regular sight on the street and at a local grocery store.

“I feel a part of me died in that building,” he told the Post.

Brian Schreiber, the president of the Jewish Community Center of Pittsburgh called Mallinger a “fixture of the congregation.”

Schreiber told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Mallinger was a vibrant woman who seemed much younger than her age.

“You’ve never met a more vivacious 97-year-old,” Schreiber said. “She was just so full of life. She had so much energy.”

Mallinger’s daughter, Andrea Wedner, 61, was also worshipping at Tree of Life and was wounded in the rampage. She is expected to recover.

In this post, a tribute to Mallinger, images he posted will not be shared but can be seen here. Suffice to say Bowers’ deep-seated hatred of Jews is hard to understand for many. Yet he was permitted to share his ideas, which were tantamount to criminal in their threats and menace but were permitted to have a home on the social media site Gab, where bigotry and antisemitism thrives.

Gab was shut down by its host provider for a while Saturday night. On Gab, Bowers was welcome, or at least his ideas were not enough to throw him off the site since it’s supposed to be a place for free speech. Or at least that’s its claim.

But when it was revealed that Gab member Bowers was the alleged gunman responsible for the slaughter of 11 people and the injuring of many more, including law enforcement officers, Gab banned him and issued a statement. And it said it reported Bowers to the FBI, albeit after the incident. It did not report Bowers before. And it found his speech, filled with venom and hate, his right and gave him a home.