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Rosalynn Carter wiki: Eleanor Rosalynn Carter born August 18, 1927, served as First women of the U.Ss from 1977 to 1981, as the wife of Jimmy Carter president USA. For decades, Rosalynn Carter has been a leading advocate for numerous causes. Rosalynn Carter was politically active during her White House years, sitting in on Cabinet and policy meetings as well as serving as president’s closest adviser. Rosalynn Carter also served as an envoy abroad, particularly in Latin America.

Rosalynn Carter Health Problems

In August 2015, her husband announced his cancer diagnosis, stating that it had spread throughout his body. Betty Pope, cousin of the former president, at the time of the announcement, voiced her belief that Carter would remain committed to her husband and attested to her strength. Carter made her first public comments about the illness a month later in September, saying, “In spite of what’s going on, it’s been kind of wondering just to know we have that kind of support, and also Jimmy’s attitude is helping”. In November 2015, she and her husband traveled to Memphis, Tennessee where they assisted in construction for the town’s Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

In January 2016, Jimmy Carter confirmed that he was regularly having treatments and said of Rosalynn at the time, “Her support has helped me through the last 69 years since we’ve been married in everything I’ve ever tried. Of course, when I was ill and thought I might die at any time, she was there for me.” Carter attended the March 11, 2016 funeral of Nancy Reagan at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. In July 2016, Carter endorsed Proposition 62, which would abolish the death penalty in California, releasing a joint statement with her husband in support of the measure. She voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary of that year. Carter differed from her husband in believing Russia had interfered with determining the results of the general election.

Upon the death of Barbara Bush on April 17, 2018, Carter became the oldest living former First Lady

Rosalynn Carter wiki

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