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Who is Ron Jeremy? (Sex*al Assault Charges) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Ron Jeremy? (Sex*al Assault Charges) Biography, Wiki

Ron Jeremy is an Adult film star who is facing 20 additional counts of sexual assault after pleading not guilty to three counts of rape in June, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The actor, whose last name is Hyatt, was charged on August 31 with forcible rape, sexual battery, sodomy and others, the district attorney’s office announced online. The amended charges date back to 2004 and involve 13 women, including a teenage girl, according to the office.

The release announced that Jeremy is now facing:

Six counts counts of sexual battery by restraint, five counts of forcible rape, three counts of forcible oral copulation, two count of forcible penetration by a foreign object and one count each of sodomy, assault with intent to commit rape, penetration by a foreign object on an unconscious or sleeping victim and lewd conduct with a 15-year-old girl.

The 67-year-old, whose most recent “incident” happened on January 1 of this year, could face a possible maximum sentence of more than 250 years to life in state prison if convicted as charged, the release said.

Jeremy has been ordered to return to court in October, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey wrote on Twitter. A date for a preliminary hearing is slated to be scheduled by then, the release added.

Jeremy was born on March 12, 1953 in Long Island, New York and graduated from Queen’s Cardozo High School in 1971, according to his IMDb biography.

The future adult film star went on to obtain his master’s degree from Queens College and “then commenced special educational teaching in the New York City area,” his bio continued.

Fandango added that Jeremy grew up in an upper-middle-class Jewish family and engaged in stand-up comedy. He also performed in off-Broadway plays, the site continued.

Jeremy broke into the industry in 1979 and has since appeared on the screens of over 800 films, including Inside Seka (1980), Debbie Does Dallas Part II (1981), Terms of Endowment (1986) Lust of Blackula (1987), 21 Hump Street (1988) and Natural Born Thrillers (1994), according to IMDb.

He broadened his area of expertise in the 80s when he began directing his own films, the site added, including his “most notorious” film John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut.

TIME Magazine described Jeremy as the “all-time champion” of porn directors, writing:

“If gold medals were handed out for making porn movies, Ron Jeremy would be the all-time champion. He has made close to 2,000 of them, including On the Loose: Viva Ron Vegas and San Fernando Jones and the Temple of Poon, as well as about 100 mainstream movies, such as The Boondock Saints with Willem Dafoe.”

Jeremy has made several minor appearances in the realm of mainstream cinema,IMDb said.

Characterized by the site as “one of the very few adult film stars to make the jump into mainstream cinema,” he has been featured in movies like Reindeer Games (2000), Detroit Rock City (1999) and The Boondock Saints (1999).

Jeremy told TIME Magazine that he was inspired to explore the adult film industry after submitting his girlfriend’s photo to Playgirl Magazine in 1978 to be posted on the “Kid Next Door” pages.

We knew women could play Playboys, and that could lead to a career in theater and film. I thought I’d try this and get at least some kind of exposure, forgive the word game. So my girlfriend took the pictures and sent it to Playgirl. I thought maybe they would agree to bring me to Los Angeles for a residential plan and I’ll try to get some work in Hollywood while I’m in Los Angeles, ”he expressed to the starting point.

IMDb stated that Jeremy was “overwhelmed by female fan letters and letters of interest from adult filmmakers”.

The Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office announced earlier this year that Jeremy was charged with raping a 25-year-old woman, a 33-year-old woman, and a 30-year-old woman in a house in Hollywood. He was also accused of sexually harassing a 46-year-old woman on separate occasions in a West Hollywood bar.

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