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Robin Joyce Fancher Wiki

Robin Joyce Fancher was last seen alive leaving her home at the Greentree Apartments in Headland to go to the post office the morning of April 17, police said.

She was reported missing by family a few days later, but her whereabouts remained unknown until Monday when a motorist spotted a wrecked vehicle mostly hidden by brush in a ditch off Campbellton Highway. “It is believed that the crash occurred several days ago, but was not easily visible from the roadway,” the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said in a statement to reporters.

Robin Joyce Fancher, 49, is the Alabama woman whom troopers say was trapped in her car for several days after crashing into a ditch that was not easily seen from the road.

Fancher was last seen on April 17,

according to Chris Watson of e Headland Police Department. She was reported missing two days later, according to the Dothan Eagle. A witness finally spotted her vehicle on Monday, April 22, and called for help. She had crashed into a ditch that was difficult to see from the road.

10 Facts You Need to Know

  • Robin Joyce Fancher Disappeared After Leaving Her Apartment to Drive to the Post Office
  • Fancher was driving a Gold 2003 Mitsubishi Galant. She did not return home and was reported missing two days later
  • The man who spotted Fancher’s vehicle called the police for help. But even with the new information, first responders still struggled to find the car.
  • Robin Fancher’s Vehicle Was Finally Discovered About 17 Miles Away In a Ditch
  • The Dothan Eagle reported that a witness, who asked not to be named, spotted the vehicle down in a ditch around 12:30 p.m. on April 22 and called the police.
  •  Robin Joyce Fancher’s Vehicle Was Difficult to See From the Road; First Responders Drove By at Least Twice Before Spotting the Vehicle.
  • Robin Fancher Was Trapped Along the Driver’s Side Door & It Took Emergency Responders More Than an Hour to Free Her
  •  Fancher’s Family Members Were Initially Told That She Had Passed Away
  •  Fancher was in fact alive and headed to the hospital. The ABC affiliate reported that Fancher is a diabetic and that her family is amazed she survived for five days in the heat.
  • Her Brother described Fancher’s survival as a “blessing.” He said she hopes Fancher views the situation as a second chance.