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Who is Tony Todt’s Father: Robert Todt Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Robert Todt Bio

Robert Todt is the father of Tony Todt whose full name is Anthony Todt – He stands accused of murdering his entire family and the family dog in Celebration, Florida. The Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said in a January 15, 2020 news conference that a federal arrest warrant was being served for Anthony Todt when authorities discovered his family dead inside and arrested Todt, who apparently stayed inside the home in a planned Disney community for days after allegedly murdering his entire family and the family dog, Breezy.
When Tony Todt was 4 years old, he told a detective he heard his mother scream and saw a man “wrestling with her on a bed,” the night Loretta Todt was shot in the face. She survived but lost an eye. Her husband, Robert Todt, a special education teacher and wrestling coach at a Pennsylvania high school, would later be convicted of hiring a former learning disabled student to pull the trigger.

Robert Todt Career, Life

“Robert Todt was a board-certified special education teacher employed as a high school teacher by the Bensalem Township School District,” the court documents say. “Todt lived in Levittown, Pennsylvania with his wife Loretta and their two children. In the late evening of March 19, 1980, while Robert Todt was out of the house, an individual entered the Todt residence and shot Loretta Todt. Although the bullet fired destroyed her left eye and remains lodged in her skull, Loretta Todt survived the attack.”

Robert Todt Now

Today, Robert Todt, Tony Todt’s father, is still alive. In fact, he’s free, active on Facebook, remarried, and he maintains social media links with some members of the Todt family, but not Tony.

Robert Todt Trial

A 1983 Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision gives further details of the case. “Robert Todt was arrested on July 25, 1980, and charged with offenses involving the shooting of his wife, Loretta Todt,” it says. “The case came to trial before the Honorable Edmund V. Ludwig and a jury and after a lengthy trial, Robert Todt was found guilty of attempted homicide, criminal conspiracy, and criminal solicitation.”

At trial, the Commonwealth’s most important witness was John Chairmonte. Chairmonte, a former student in Bensalem High School’s program for students with learning disabilities, was an alcohol and drug abuser with a criminal record. His involvement with the attack upon Loretta Todt was revealed after his arrest on an unrelated charge. John Chairmonte admitted that he shot Loretta Todt at Robert Todt’s behest. In exchange for testimony against Todt, Chairmonte was promised that his sentence for shooting Loretta Todt would not exceed five years to be served in the Bucks County Prison.
Chairmonte testified that in March of 1980 Robert Todt offered him $800 to kill a woman Todt described as a babysitter. Todt gave Chairmonte a .32 caliber pistol and some bullets. Three days before the shooting Todt went to Chairmonte’s home, woke him up and brought him to Todt’s home. Todt and Chairmonte then drove to Frankford Hospital, where Loretta Todt worked. As explained by Chairmonte, the plan was for him to surprise Loretta Todt as she entered her car after work, take her to a back road and shoot her. Chairmonte was, however, too frightened to carry out this scheme.
A new scheme was developed, and Todt gave Chairmonte a key to Todt’s house. On March 19, 1980, Chairmonte entered the Todt house through the garage, shot Loretta Todt and rifled several drawers to make it look as though a burglary had taken place.

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