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Robert Koehler (Pillowcase Rapist) Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Robert Koehler wiki – Robert Koehler Bio

Robert Koehler was taken into custody near his home in Palm Bay over the weekend on an out of county warrant. He was being held in a Brevard County jail while awaiting transfer to Miami-Dade for charges.

A 1986 article in the Associated Press describes how a 24-year-old secretary was first assaulted in 1981, and pointed out that “young career women were attacked, Knives for fear of admitting them, usually by entering and using open doors or windows in homes or apartments. ”


He is 60 years old.

Koehler Is a Registered Sex Offender

Koehler is accused of being the “Pillowcase Rapist,” a criminal who was known for covering his face with items like towels or shirts and attacking at least 44 women between Miami and Deerfield Beach over a nearly five-year period.
Robert Eugene Koehler is a registered sex offender. His status is listed as “released – subject to registration.” He is 6 feet 1 inch tall and 235 pounds. He had last provided his address to the state in 2018, and it was listed as being in the 700 blocks of Rostock Circle, in Palm Bay, Florida, in Brevard County. He was listed as having multiple vehicles registered in his name, including motorcycles.

Koehler Status as a Sex offender

The Pillowcase Rapist terrorized women in Southeastern Florida between May 1981 and February 1986. He reportedly wore a pillowcase, towel or shirt over his face to hide his identity as he broke into women’s homes during his horrific crime spree.

Robert Koehler Victims

His alleged victims included a schoolteacher, flight attendant, artist, model, nurse, insurance executive, student, health spa instructor and publicist, according to The Miami Herald.

Robert Koehler’s profession

Old newspaper stories describe the sexual offense that landed, Robert Koehler, on the Florida sex offender registry list.
According to a 1990 article in the Palm Beach Daily News, Robert Eugene Koehler was 31 years old when he was accused of raping a Palm Beach woman in her apartment on Chilean Avenue.
He was working as a cable installer at the time. The victim called 911 at 3:30 a.m. to report the rape. Police searched the area and stopped a car driven by Koehler for making an illegal left turn. They let him go after ticketing him because they didn’t have a description yet of the rapist.


He reportedly often entered their homes through open windows or unlocked doors, then threatened the women with a knife before assaulting them quickly. In some cases, he stole cash from the women.
However, after investigating further, they later brought him in for questioning, the article states.
According to an article in the New York Daily News in 1991, Koehler alleged that the victim was drunk when they met at 3 a.m. on a Palm Beach street and claimed they “later had sex voluntarily in her apartment.”
But the woman said she was raped. He gave police two stories, the article says, indicating that the first time “he told cops that he’d been cruising aimlessly around and did not meet anyone except a cop who gave him a ticket for making an illegal turn.”
At the time of the attacks, authorities said the suspect was likely young, athletic and white. Lab test determined he his blood type was O, but it had a rare subgrouping characteristic found in only one percent of the population.

Robert Koehler Arrested

Authorities say they arrested a suspect in the case on Saturday and identified him as 60-year-old Robert Eugene Koehler, a convicted sex offender form Palm Bay, Florida.

Robert Koehler Charges

Koehler, who was convicted of sexual battery in 1991, would have been in his early 20s during the crime spree. He was booked at a jail in Brevard County, where he is awaiting transfer to Miami-Dade County.

Quick Facts You Need to Know

  • Robert Eugene Koehler, 60, was arrested on Saturday in Palm Bay, police say
  • They suspect him of being the ‘Pillowcase Rapist’  who broke into homes in South Florida between May 1981 and February 1986, according to local reports  
  • He hid his identity with pillowcases, towels or shirts before attacking his victims 
  • Koehler already has a sexual battery conviction from 1991 in Palm Beach County 
  • It is not known exactly what led to his arrest but a number of cold cases have been solved in recent years thanks to genealogical data on ancestry websites 

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