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Who is Robert ‘Bobby’ Palmer Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Robert ‘Bobby’ Palmer Wiki – Robert ‘Bobby’ Palmer Biography

Police said a popular volunteer at a regional rugby club walked his dog and stopped to buy kebabs when he was allegedly stabbed to death.


54-year-old Robert ‘Bobby’ Palmer, who devoted 40 years to the Shortland Devils Rugby League Football Club in Newcastle, NSW, was allegedly stabbed to death by a thief with a knife, half his age, while taking his dog to a Saturday evening walk. .


Mr. Palmer had stopped at the Metro service station on Sandgate Road at 8:00 pm to eat a kebab as 24-year-old Zack Mavin was approaching the entrance.


Police claimed that the young man ran empty-handed while trying to rob another service station up the road.


Mavin allegedly threatened workers at an armed 711 service station with a knife before fleeing south towards the Metro on Saturday night.


Mr. Palmer, always a good Samaritan, immediately challenged the young man he had never met.


Witnesses said the argument had become physical and the young man stabbed Mr. Palmer in the stomach, NSW Police said on Sunday.


The paramedics desperately tried to save him, but he died on the scene.


Mavin allegedly fled to a house on Sandgate Road, where police tried to arrest her.


Police said they resisted the arrest on Sunday and they had to shake him before taking him to Newcastle Police Station for questioning.


Police said Mavin was charged with the murder and detained on Sunday to appear in Newcastle District Court.


The police set up a crime scene at both service stations on Sandgate Road and the house where Mavin was arrested on Saturday.


As the announcement spread in tight-knit Shortland, hundreds of confused friends, family, and community members took to social media to spill their grief over the sudden death of the precious local man.


Bob was a true gentleman, never said a bad word to say about anyone and he was a good friend of mine, you’ll be missed unfortunately. RIP buddy, ‘one man wrote.


RIP Bob. It was taken too early. Like anyone who knows or encounters Bob. Get to know him as a very good gentleman. Don’t remember a moment when I saw him angry with anyone, ” wrote another.


I am a Newcastle lady but I lived in Birmingham gardens many years ago. I remember this cheerful guy, fun to talk to and always the first to do a favor, ”one woman wrote.


Another man wrote about how Mr. Palmer lived in front of him and knew him all his life.


“He would take his shirt off his back to help anyone,” the man wrote.


The Shortland Devils RLFC sent a condolence message to FaceBook to tell its members about the loss of the ‘club legend’.


The club wrote, ‘Bobby was taken from us too early and will be greatly missed.’


Bobby was Shorty from start to finish from the moment he played for the club in his younger days, his service continued until this year and regularly marked the lines at Tuxford Park and was known to mow the field with a push lawn mower after the last theft. ride the club. ‘


The club said it plans to celebrate his life next year, possibly with a plaque to commemorate his life.


Mr. Palmer was also a much-loved regular at The Shortland Hotel, affectionately known as ‘The Shorty’.


The pub paid tribute to Bob on Sunday by calling him ‘their favorite buns’ in a post on FaceBook.


Everyone on The Shorty is extremely upset at the loss of one of our favorite larric, Bobby. His witty sense of humor will be missed by both our employees and our customers. Our thoughts are with his family right now, ‘the pub wrote.


Local MP Sonia Hornery also posted a memorial message on her FaceBook page, paying her respects to a man who has given a lot to the local community.


Mavin appeared in Newcastle District Court on Sunday and refused to be released on bail, although he offered through his lawyer to live with his mother under house arrest in Birmingham Gardens and report to the police daily.


The Daily Telegraph reported that Mavin appeared in court with black spray paint on her face, hands, and legs.


Police prosecutor Joergen Drabe told the court that Mavin’s first alleged robbery attempt was ‘a chemical attack as a threat’.


Mavin is scheduled to appear again at Newcastle District Court on Monday.