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Brian Trotter Suspect Arrested After Crash: Robert Avery Coltrain Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Robert Avery Coltrain Biography

Robert Avery Coltrain Biography – Robert Avery Coltrain Wiki

Robert Avery Coltrain is a Virginia man who was arrested in south Florida on Sunday when state troopers found a dead body in his trunk after a crash.

Robert Avery Coltrain Age

He is 25 years old.

Robert Avery Coltrain Charges

25-year-old Robert Avery Coltrain was charged with second-degree murder and illegally carrying human remains, the WSVN reports.

Brian Trotter Found Dead in the trunk

Authorities said the body of a young man from Virginia who had been missing for more than a week was found in the trunk of his friend’s car in Miami after the driver crashed onto a freeway. Florida Highway Patrol officers reacted to an accident on Palmetto Highway near Northwest 154th Street in the suburbs of Miami when they noticed a “bad smell” from the vehicle, the Miami Herald reported.

Robert Avery Coltrain Accident

According to the police report, Florida Highway Patrol soldiers responded to a report of a single car crash at around 4pm on the Palmetto Expressway. NBC Miami noticed a foul odor coming from behind the Coltrain Acura on Sunday. They hauled the vehicle into the parking lot of Westland Mall in Hialeah. There, they watched Coltrain pull his belongings out of the car, including a gun bag with a firearm inside. Then they opened the trunk.


“As a result of the constant presence of malodors and insects, the FHP soldiers opened the trunk of the vehicle and discovered a body,” the report said.


The badly decomposed body was wrapped in a piece of cloth. The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner did a preliminary examination and said Trotter had been shot multiple times in his torso.


The police issued a search warrant for the car and found a compatible safe with the gun and a bullet Coltrain owned, suggesting that Trotter had been shot inside the car at least once.


Investigators said they found the body of 25-year-old Brian Trotter in the trunk of the silver Acura driven by 25-year-old Robert Avery Coltrain. The autopsy wrote that Trotter, whose body was in “an advanced stage of decomposition,” was shot and killed by the Herald. The soldiers noted that Coltrain made a “spontaneous statement” that the body was male. According to Herald’s report, the 25-year-old was taken to the police station. Despite not speaking to detectives, Coltrain contacted Trotter’s sister at the station and apologized. The authorities told him that Trotter had died in Virginia.


Miami-Dade County public records show that Coltrain was held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correction Center, where he was arrested Monday afternoon on charges of second-degree murder with a gun and carrying / violation of human remains.


The report said he picked up Trotter, who is identified as Coltrain’s friend, on October 17th at Trotter’s home in Triangle, Virginia. It was never seen again.


Coltrain is being held in Miami-Dade prison.


Sunday afternoon, authorities responded to the accident involving Coltrain’s silver Acura. Authorities told Herald that the vehicle was heading north in rainy conditions at the time of the accident. Noticing a foul odor, state officials pulled the car into Hialeah’s Westland Mall parking lot to investigate.


According to Herald, Coltrain asked if he could pick up his belongings from the vehicle, and he pulled out a Glock gun bag and raised suspicion among the soldiers. Miami-Dade Detective Omar Manresa’s report on the situation, according to the news outlet, stated that they had noticed the smell of rotting meat and flies around the vehicle. When they opened the trunk, they found Trotter’s body “wrapped in a piece of cloth”.

Robert Avery Coltrain Motive

The reason for Trotter’s murder has not been disclosed at this time. His father told The Herald, “Nobody can understand what happened. I hope the police can shed light on what made a friend of over 10 years decide to do something like this. ”



The body was found in Miami, which means state law allows the case to be tried in Florida, but it is not yet clear whether this will be the case.