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Who is Ricky Taylor (Walmart Customer Arrested) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram

Ricky Taylor (Walmart Customer Arrested) Wiki – Ricky Taylor (Walmart Customer Arrested) Biography

Ricky Taylor has been charged with disturbing the peace/language/disorderly conduct, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle upon a peace officer, and resisting an officer.
A Louisiana man who was asked to leave Walmart after refusing to wear a mask is accused of hitting a police officer with his vehicle.
A West Monroe, Louisiana, police officer was called to a Walmart Supercenter on Tuesday evening to help with an unruly customer, who was later identified as 64-year-old Ricky Taylor, according to arrest reports.
The officer told Taylor that the store’s policy required all customers to wear a mask and offered one to Taylor, the report said. Taylor began cursing at the officer inside the store and saying, “You can’t make me wear a f***ing mask.”
The officer told Taylor he was being placed on a trespassing notice and must leave the store. He also asked for Taylor’s driver’s license, but Taylor refused and said, “I could give it to you, but I’m not,” according to the reports.
Ricky Taylor is accused of disrupting peace/language/irregular behavior, attacking a vehicle with a vehicle of peace, and resisting an officer.
After he was arrested, he told the police that he had a medical condition that prevented him from wearing a mask and that the officer had not seen him standing behind the car.
Walmart employees called the West Monroe police shortly before 17 o’clock. Tuesday, when Taylor refuses to wear a mask or leave the store. The clerk told customers that wearing a mask is the policy of the business, and then offered him to wear a mask. At this point, in the arrest report, Tayler says he has started swearing at the officer.
“You can’t make me wear a mask,” he said.
The officer notified Taylor of intrusion and said he should leave and asked for Taylor’s license when leaving. “I can give it to you, but I’m not,” said Taylor, before getting on the official vehicle and even refusing to recognize himself.
The officer stepped aside to write Taylor’s license location number, and Taylor bumped him twice and claimed.
Another police officer came, took Taylor down, and detained him.

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