Who is Richmond Virginia? (Uses Racial Slurs) Bio, Wiki, Age, Viral Video, Racist Behaviour, George Floyd Hologram

Richmond Virginia? (Uses Racial Slurs) Bio, Richmond Virginia Wiki

Richmond Virginia ‘Karen’ is an unidentified white woman who had a meltdown and used racial slurs after she became upset that a George Floyd hologram was cast over a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Virginia. She was dubbed Richmond Virginia ‘Karen’ for being the latest example of a so-called Karen: A white middle-aged woman who, in some cases, exhibits racist behavior.

Richmond Virginia ‘Karen’ Viral Video Show Racist Behavior

According to Indy100, the woman was furious when she saw that “George Floyd’s 3D E. hologram was reflected in a Robert E. Lee statue”. The site says the video was recorded on July 28 in Richmond, Virginia.

Racist woman loses her mind over seeing George Floyd’s image projected onto Robert E Lee statue in Virginia.

“You’re a f*cking n*gger,” the woman says, smacking the man recording the video. “Look at this n*gger sh*t.” pic.twitter.com/c4AdkV9OZ4
— Lars❄️#FBR (@a_fly_guy) July 30, 2020

A Twitter user shared the video and added the subtitle as follows: “The racist woman is out of mind of seeing George Floyd’s image projected on Robert E Lee statue in Virginia. “You’re a damn worker,” she says, spanking the man who recorded the video. Look at this. ”
Note that the language is very disturbing because the video uses the word n-below.
“This is public property. This is my city,” she shouts in the video. “You’re a racist. Leave,” a person says, at which point the woman used the racial slur.

George Floyd Hologram

George Floyd’s hologram is poured over the statue of the Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Virginia. According to CNN, the hologram project was created by Change.org and the George Floyd Foundation.
Hologram, part of a project called “A Monumental Change: George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project,” CNN added that the hologram will be reflected on five different Confederate statues and “Floyd creates a 3D image from fireflies.” and its name in graffiti. ”
George Floyd’s brother Rodney Floyd told CNN, “My brother has been seen all over the world since the death of George, now by partnering with Change.org, the hologram is seen as the symbol of change where my brother’s face is most needed for change. ”