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Who is Richard Addicott Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Richard Addicott Wiki – Richard Addicott Biography

A British pilot was killed next to his wife when his car crashed into a barrier and dived 245 feet down a cliff in Gran Canaria.


The duo, locally called Richard Addicott and Rita Garcia Bolaños, died alongside Rita’s father and sister, Ivan and Marta Bolaños.


The car is thought to fall off the road in bad weather between 9 pm and 10 pm on Tuesday, before diving 245 feet down a cliff.


The incident was not discovered until the next day when a highway worker noticed the roadside barriers damaged and saw the wrecked car.


The group was visiting Rita’s grandmother in Artenara on Tuesday before returning to Las Palmas where they lived.


As local newspaper La Nueva Espana reported, the group made their 90-minute journey just 10 minutes before heading through fog and rain.


The car drifted off the road in a sharp right turn, crashed into the crash barriers on the left side of the road and then plunged down a cliff.


The car turned around several times as it fell off the steep embankment.


The exact cause of the crash is still being investigated, but local officials believe no other vehicles were involved.


It is not clear who drove the car at the time of the accident.


The crash site was not discovered until around 15.45 the next day, when a motorway worker passing by noticed damage to the crash barriers.


He then saw the car in the valley and called the emergency services to check if people were stuck inside.


It was confirmed shortly after that all four passengers were killed.


Richard and Rita lived in London, where he worked as a captain for Norwegian Air, according to local news and information on social media.


However, local newspapers often returned to Gran Canaria to visit Rita’s father, Ivan, and grandmother.


Marta lived in Gran Canaria, where she was recognized as an active person involved in local sports and also engaged in local politics.


Father Ivan grew up in northern Spain, where he worked as a woodworker, before moving to Gran Canaria, where he met and married his wife Lucía decades ago.


The couple had three daughters – Rita, Marta, and Raquel – before Lucía died of a long illness a few years ago.


Raquel lives in Avilés, where her father grew up and runs a sports shop.


The rescuers are still trying to extract the bodies from the bottom of the valley after they helicopter them out.


The mayor of the local town of Artenara, where Rita’s grandmother lived, Jesús Díaz paid tribute to the family earlier this week.


Richard’s colleagues at former airline Ryanair also paid their respects by breaking the news on Facebook.