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Reta Mays, a former nursing assistant at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg was charged with seven counts of second-degree murder and one count of assault with the intent to commit murder of an eighth person. She faces life sentences for each murder.


The Washington Post reports that Reta Mays was assigned to tend to ailing elderly patients at the medical center and did so for three years. Part of her job consisted of sitting by their bedside and taking their vital signs during overnight shifts when there wasn’t a lot of medical staff working.

7 Murder with insulin Doses

By her own admission, Mays would sneak into different rooms and inject lethal doses of insulin into the ailing patients’ bodies. Mays admitted in federal court on Tuesday that for a period of around 11 months, she continued to inject patients until they died.
The hospital began an investigation after noticing alarming rates of hypoglycemic deaths from non-diabetic patients or patients with Type 2 diabetes who were not prescribed insulin.
With no cameras in the patient rooms, it took around two years for investigators to build and complete the case. Investigators were suspicious of Mays from the beginning but she initially denied any wrongdoing.
“Did you, in fact, do what the government says you did?” U.S. District Judge Thomas Kleeh asked on Tuesday.
“Yes, sir,” Mays said.


According to USA Today, the victims, most of which were war heroes, include:
Felix Kirk McDermott, 82
George Nelson Shaw, Sr., 81
Archie Edgell, 84
Robert Edge, Sr., 82
Robert Kozul, 89
Raymond Golden, 88
William Alfred Holloway, 96

Another man, identified only as R.R.P., died two weeks after his blood sugar stabilized. Authorities were not able to definitely say he died from an insulin injection.
According to court records, Mays did not have any license or certificate for patient care. He was hired in 2015.
“I want to know why you keep doing it. Was he planning to be God or something else? “One of the victims’ son, Steven Edgell, asked the court.


The motive remains uncertain, but additional information is expected during Mays’s criminal trial. The trial date has not been planned yet.