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Who is Rehan Malik Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Rehan Malik Wiki – Rehan Malik Biography

Armed with her husband’s samurai sword to confront masked thieves trying to steal £ 42,000 Audi supercars, a woman nearly killed someone when they caught the knife.


The woman pointed the knife at 23-year-old Rehan Malik and ordered him to stay until the police arrived at their home in Shipley, West Yorkshire.


He gripped the sword with his bare hands and tried to grapple with it. However, the woman feared that she would turn the gun towards her and refused to lay down the weapon.


The sword cut off Malik’s hands during the fight outside the garage where the couple’s Audi S3 was parked.


Malik left a trail of blood behind him as he and his two accomplices jumped into the getaway car following the failed raid.


Bradford Crown Court heard that he had been caught after hospitalizing him and lost so much blood he nearly died.


The court heard the couple walk in at 5.30am on October 25th through the kitchen window of their home in Avondale Road, West Yorkshire.


Husband encountered a masked man in the kitchen asking for Audi’s keys.


He went up the stairs in search of 999 and took the Samurai sword as a weapon.


Prosecutor Clare Walsh said she stood on the landing with a holstered gun to defend herself.


Meanwhile, the couple heard the car running and realized that the raiders had found the keys.


Malik from Bradford was trying to escape in his Audi S3, but got stuck in the garage doors. He and the two servants tried to save the vehicle.


Then the woman drew her sword to defend herself and went out into the garage. He motioned to Malik, who was trying to escape at Audi, to keep him there until the police arrived.


He grabbed the knife, cut off both hands, and splashed blood on the car and around the garage. The three were later driven from the scene in an escape vehicle.


Police checked hospitals in the area and discovered that Malik was seeking medical attention in Barnsley.


The court was told that she spent five days in the ward and would die of blood loss if she delayed seeking help further.


His lawyer, Shufqat Khan, said that he needed a blood transfusion and he lost all feeling in both hands as his nerves were broken.


While in prison, Malik did not get the treatment he needed and could be permanently disabled.


He had decided to go straight because he couldn’t even open a can or a bottle. He had to be dressed by a cellmate who was an active caretaker.


He was also convicted of dangerous driving, disqualified and uninsured driving – crimes committed before theft while he was licensed.


The court heard that Malik was being followed by police at speeds up to 90mph from Parry Lane in Bradford to Feather Road at 9.30 am on 12 April.


He jumped at the red light and carried the sidewalk to a Seat car, but he walked down a dead end and was caught.


Previously convicted of home theft, dangerous driving, and vehicle theft, Malik admitted all crimes.


He was given consecutive sentences of three years and eight months, 12 months for dangerous driving and 32 months for theft. He was banned from driving for 58 months.


Judge Jonathan Rose underlined that Malik grabbed the knife and injured himself. The woman was afraid that she would take the weapon in her hand and use it against him. He was completely innocent she.