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Reham Saeed Biography

Reham Saeed Biography

Riham Said is a broadcaster and presenter and actress Egyptian, born in ( 31 May 1975 ), participated in many television series currently offers a program Sabaya good

Reham Saeed Age

She is 44 years old.

Reham Saeed Carrer

Began her career as a presenter program «Sabaya» in one of the satellite channels Despite the many and the many criticisms that they have experienced and suffered Riham Said to daring to offer its program , but it did not stop and continued to provide thorny issues and hot, and was to attend effect in entering the world of television drama in 2005 Series marina and the sea and then the series caught the night in 2008 and participated actor Ahmed Bedier Championship play (Mercy Aaoz chair) and has to perform the role Sahidic girl series Abdulaziz Street with actor Amr Saadand participated in a series of doubt with actress Mai Izz al- Din .olha series “hearts” with actress Ola Ghanem And serial Halal coffee in Ramadan 2014.

Reham Saeed Issues, Scandals

Her media programs have provoked discontent and media whirlwinds more than once because she was accused of being unprofessional and exploiting the characters she covered, fabricating media stories. She was sentenced in more than one case including insulting the artist Zina, and the case of the girl of the mall. 

Egyptian activists and media workers launched a campaign to stop the journalist Riham Said, because of an episode of her program “Sabaya al-Khair” on “Al-Nahar” in which she insulted the Syrian refugees when she distributed aid to them in one of their camps in Lebanon in a disgusting manner. The video and the words of the Egyptian anchor were met with the resentment of many, especially when Reham Said spoke in a way they described as uncivilized and closer to gloating than refugees and citizens of the Arab Spring countries where the revolutions took place, stressing in her speech that this is the case of all peoples who lose their countries. The talk of the Egyptian anchor has already stirred the sorrows of the Egyptians on their Syrian brothers, but it has angered them by portraying the Syrians running behind the aid car and competing with each other to try to get it, as well as an interviewer who described the situation with words and descriptions that are not worthy of all the meanings of humanity. Egyptian journalist Yosri Fouda was the first to launch a sharp attack on the Egyptian broadcaster and the way she talked, via his Facebook page, as he criticized the episode from the ground up, describing it as shameful. He added: “Since it repeated that it is doing this work on behalf of the Egyptians, it is the right of any Egyptian to respond.” He added: “The people of Syria are dearer and more generous than they need to be defensive, and what is happening to them is a high price to pay for the most precious values ​​that are unable to recognize the media sinks in Egypt.” Others said that “Reham Said uses the poverty of the Syrian people who are suffering the scourge of war and the explosive barrels of Bashar and his chemical weapon to warn against the claim of the minimum rights in freedom.” Stripped of all the meanings of humanity. ” For their part, activists launched a campaign on all social media sites to stop the Egyptian media and prevent them from appearing on satellite TV again, adding that it violated all the meanings of humanity, and stripped the act of goodness of its value and its lofty meaning by publishing images that are not worthy of the brothers imposed by the circumstances and political conflicts tragedy they have nothing to do with them. Other activists have filed letters demanding that the journalist be investigated, tried and those who helped her be brought to justice in this unfortunate manner. Reham Said responded harshly to her critics, accusing them of ignorance and mental illness and demanding that they not pursue her program. She wrote through her official account on Twitter: “It is I, but myself ask a question .. Is Les people bothered when you see the truth .. Les designers followed carefully and not an anchor? Are you sick?”. She continued: “I extend my sincere greetings to my beloved republic and thank you for your comments. As for the little literature, watch me and listen to the extent that your ignorance and lack of literature is worth it.”

Her career almost ended with a big scandal when Reham Said, in an episode of “Sabaya El Kheir” program that was broadcast on 27 October 2015, published special pictures of Tareq’s famous poem “girl of the mall”. The girl of the mall was harassed and beaten by a young man in freedom Mall, this incident was taken by the cameras of the mall and the video spread very quickly in social media, and the issue of the girl became an issue of public opinion and resorted to the girl Riham Said to expose her case in her program, but Riham Said stole very special pictures of the girl from her mobile during the filming of the episode and published without permission Angered the Thren and demanded to slander the girl with prosecution. She was accused of violating human rights as well as professional concepts and rules of the media.Al-Nahar TV network Reham Said to present Sabaya Al-Khair program again on Al- Nahar One on 2 May 2016, but on the condition that there are no funded companies to sponsor the program and that the program is broadcast and not live

Reham Saeed Programs of television 

  • Sabaya 2003 on the Axis Satellite Channel
  • Good morning 2012 – so far on the day
  • Without Zaal 2013 on the day
  • Your heart is white 2014 on the day

Reham Saeed Artwork 

  • Stat able (series) 2016
  • Viva Atata (series) 2014 … Rice tree ( tree Durr )
  • Son of Halal (2014) … Fatima
  • Hearts (Series) 2014
  • The Doubt (2013)
  • Ahl al-Hawa (series) 2013
  • Abdulaziz Street (series) 2011 … Ashjan
  • Stringed chord (series)
  • Morsy want a chair (play)
  • Musk Al Lail (The Series)
  • Marina and the Seas (series) 200

Reham Saeed Instagram

Reham Saeed Suspended

The country’s media regulator said Saeed used words and phrases that were clearly offensive to women in Egypt.

On her show, Saeed said overweight people are “a burden on their families and the state”.

She has defended her comments in a post on her Instagram account and said she was retiring.

Her remarks come after President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi urged Egyptians to lose weight. In 2018, he called on Egyptians to take better care of themselves.

During Saeed’s talk show ‘Sabaya’ on al-Hayah TV, she said that many overweight women lose their femininity and happiness “because of the toxins in their bodies”.

She added that men are not attracted to overweight women and they often leave their obese wives or break off engagements.

Her remarks set off a storm of criticism on social media.

Saeed said she was being targeted on social media and confirmed on her Instagram account that she was retiring.

”I’m tired because whenever anyone wants to put you down, they wage a media campaign against you and tell fake stories about you to the people. And 200 or 300 or 400 or 500,000 people on social media that you don’t know, their backgrounds seal your fate.

“So I’m tired of this, and the time has come for me to take care of my children,” she said.