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Reese Fletcher Wiki – Reese Fletcher Biography

A single dad grew more than £ 3,000 by selling wooden Christmas trees to buy festive gifts to needy kids.


Reese Fletcher, 29, said that she moved after seeing a video from the local addiction charity Forward Leeds and decided to do something for her daughters Lola, 9 and Isla, who were not as lucky as 7.


The Kippax native runs a fencing and flooring business and has now come up with the idea to turn wood chunks into Christmas trees.


He sold his apartment decorations for £ 10 each and eventually raised £ 3,400 – enough to buy nine cars full of children’s toys for charity work.


Fletcher first announced his idea in a Facebook post on November 20 and said he hoped to raise £ 150.


The target shredded within 48 hours and made 260 trees to meet demand.


The idea was a ‘momentary event’, The Mirror reported after seeing one of his friends talking about their struggles.


“It really impressed me,” Fletcher said. I wanted to do something good that could go without gifts for children around Christmas.


He explained that his team managed to raise an enormous £ 3,400 in just a week or ten days.


The orders kept coming and went wild. It was absolutely mental. ‘


Fletcher traveled to Smyth’s in Leeds to purchase the toys before bringing them to Malcolm Michaels Butchers in Kirkgate Market so they could be donated.


Malcolm Leary, one of the butchers, asks people to leave the toys outside of his shop so that they can be given to their children from families supported by Leeds’ drug and alcohol service.


“It has been a difficult year for many people, and I wanted to do something to help those who tried to help themselves,” Leary said.


Alcohol and drug problems can affect anyone. This year we especially know people who struggle mentally and drink more to cope.


As a parent, I know that Christmas can be financially difficult. We just want to help parents who struggle so hard to get themselves somewhere better, and there’s just a little extra for their kids this Christmas, ”said The Mirror.