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Who is Reena Patel Sanders? ( facing numerous charges after the bizarre incident) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Reena Patel Sanders ( facing numerous charges after the bizarre incident) Biography – Reena Patel Sanders Wiki

Reena Patel Sanders is a Florida lawyer, ‘with marijuana gummy worms in her purse led cops on a 90mph chase, shouted celebrity names including The Rock and Ryan Reynolds when she was pulled over at gunpoint and insisted she get pizza instead of going to jail’
They held a Florida lawyer at gunpoint on Monday after leading a high-speed chase at the Marathon, according to officials.
The Miami Herald reported that 38-year-old Broward County attorney Reena Patel Sanders faced numerous charges after the strange incident. Monroe County Deputy Sheriff Corbin Hradecky reportedly told Sanders that he was driving 90 mph at around 12:30 in the 40 mph speed zone off the US 1.
Hradecky turned the lights of his car on the hill into a patrol car to stop Sanders. Although initially slowing, Sanders allegedly accelerated his car and turned right towards Knights Key Boulevard. Police detained Sanders when he lost control of his car and was fishing.
Due to his erratic behavior, he had to physically remove him from his car when the officers refused and then held him at gunpoint.
While questioning him, the officers wrote that they could smell alcohol from Sanders as he began to “utter obscene remarks to lawmakers and name famous actors like Dwayne” The Rock “Johnson, Owen Wilson, and Ryan Reynolds.
According to the arrest report, Hradecky kept shouting at him while trying to read the Miranda Rights to Sanders.
After he was detained and taken to the police station, Sanders allegedly began renaming celebrities and boasting his “big law firm”. They also requested pizza from the arresting officers and denied it.
According to an arrest report, Sanders laughed when he was arrested, shouted out the names of Hollywood movie stars, bragged about his work at a ‘big law firm’, and insisted that he and his lawmakers go out for pizza together.
Reena Patel Sanders, 38, a lawyer from Plantation, Florida, was arrested in Marathon for a series of heavy crime and misdemeanor counts resulting from a high-speed chase.
Monroe County Deputy Sheriff Corbin Hradecky was traveling north when he saw a white Lexus SUV speeding south at 12.35pm at Marathon in US 1.
The MP made a U-turn and measured his watch by making Sander’s vehicle 80mph in a range of 45mph. It started its lights and siren and followed Lexus, which then went up to 90mph in a range of 35mph.
Sanders’ SUV turned left, onto Knights Key Boulevard, and fished as he made his way onto Kyle Way, which was almost to fall.
After Lexus fished for the second time, the deputy sheriff was able to trap him. He then approached the driver and grabbed Sanders at gunpoint.
According to the statement made by the sheriff’s office, Hradecky and another deputy who arrived at the scene,
Deputy sheriff Hradecky got into the SUV after fishing and rushing out again. According to the report first obtained by the ABA Journal, his deputy Hradecky grabbed the driver at gunpoint as he turned his vehicle in his direction and began to slowly move towards the officer.

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Sanders allegedly got drunk by making 90mph in the 35mph zone when he ran away from a lawmaker and had THC-laced gummy worms. He talked about eating pizza with the cops.
In the report, Hradecky ordered him to stop or he will “act”, which caused Sander to burst into laughter.
Attorney Jorge Moreno arrived and struggled to get the 5 feet 2 lawyer out of the SUV when both officers resisted the arrest and walked away from them during his time in custody.
Sanders then began to scream swearing and shouted the names of famous actors, including Ryan Reynolds, Owen Wilson, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.
When asked why he ran from Hradecky, Sanders was reported to have said ‘he was afraid’.
In the deputy report, the 38-year-old driver’s eyes were heavy, watery and glassy, ​​his eyelids drooping, his speech was mumbled, and his breath smelled of alcohol. Subsequent investigation of Sanders’ Lexus revealed what has been described as a small amount of THC-laced gummy worm.
According to the arrest report, after being brought to the Marathon sheriff’s sub station for a DUI investigation, Sanders ‘insisted he would not go to jail and insisted we buy pizza’.
He spoke about how he was a lawyer at a ‘big law firm’ and boasted about hanging out with celebrities.

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