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Woman Dismembered While Alive After ‘Disrespecting’ Fiancé’s Name: Rafael Castillo Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Rafael Castillo Biography, Rafael Castillo Wiki

Rafael Castillo is a 26-year-old Texas man who has been named as a suspect in the “gruesome” slaying of a woman found dismembered last month, police say.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said that San Antonio’s Rafael Castillo was arrested on Wednesday (December 16th) in connection with the death of 31-year-old Nicole Perry. Road cleaners found Perry’s body wrapped in a black garbage bag on a rural road on November 19. Javier Salazar, the Sheriff of Bexar County, in San Antonio said at a press conference.


The sheriff was partially torn when the San Antonio woman was alive. An autopsy taken by KSAT showed that Perry’s body “had visible marks of being restrained and his hands had been severed”.


Investigators are still looking for missing body parts, Salazar said.


Castillo, who was arrested in Brownsville, has a $ 500,000 bond, according to online prison records. According to the records, the first court date is set for January 19 next year.


Salazar said the police did not rule out other suspects involved in the incident.

According to an arrest statement received by the KSAT, investigators contacted Castillo after finding a second litter bag near Perry’s body. The station reported that the bag contained a smaller gift bag “strangely tied”.


KSAT said a torn receipt of a 9mm “pink camouflage” gun inside the gift bag was reportedly stolen from San Antonio. When investigators checked the serial number on the receipt, Castillo was listed as a suspect in the theft case, the station continued, citing the statement.


The station said the receipt took the police to a house at 300 block of W. Harlan Ave on 21 November. The KSAT added that the authorities detained 10 people there “except Castillo”.


According to KSAT, Perry’s fiancee, who was later arrested for violating a sex offender record, told the police that she and Perry were homeless and stayed at the house on Harlan Street. Perry said earlier this year, “he lost his father” and “was not the same afterwards,” according to the station’s statement.


KSAT continued his fiancee with the police, Perry’s frequent explosions “quickly began to anger Rafael,” he said. On the day of his death, Castillo threatened Perry to silence before silencing him, according to the sworn testimony obtained by the station.


Perry, 26, then tied him with duct tape and threatened his fiancée with a “pink camouflage pistol”, KSAT continued.


Investigators said that while Perry was alive, he smashed his hands with a machete and then hit him in the head with an ax. Her fiancee was then “forced” to clear the scene.

The KSAT told a witness that he killed the woman for “disrespecting” her fiancee’s name. The station continued, also ordering several witnesses to destroy the “large package” containing Perry’s body.


KSAT said an eyewitness contained a casserole with Perry’s hands with “painted nails” in it.