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Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein Wiki

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein is a religious leader at the San Diego County synagogue where a shooting took place on April 27. In fact, Goldstein was one of three people injured in the shooting, sustaining a hand wound. Another woman, who has yet to be identified, was killed in the shooting. The suspect, John Earnest, is in custody.
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[/tie_full_img]Per The Los Angeles Timesservices were taking place on Saturday when a white man with a semi-automatic weapon entered the synagogue and began to shoot. Goldstein was not only delivering the sermon but is also the owner of the synagogue itself, called Chabad of Poway.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein Statement

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Rabbi Goldstein was walking into the banquet hall at the synagogue when he heard a noise – what he thought initially was a table falling over or a congregation member collapsing.
“As soon as he saw me, he started to shoot toward me and that is when I put my hands up,” Rabbi Goldstein said on NBC’s Sunday Today programme. “I cannot erase that face from my mind.”
He held up his hands to shield himself but his fingers “got blown away”.
Rabbi Goldstein hurried through to the banquet hall where a number of children – including his granddaughter – were gathered.
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“I just ran, not even knowing that my fingers were blown off and curled all the kids together and got them outside,” he said.
Lori Kaye, who helped found the synagogue with Rabbi Goldstein, was shot dead in the attack.
“Everyone in the community knew her,” he said. “I’m just so heartbroken and saddened by the senseless killing.”
A 34-year-old man and a young girl suffered shrapnel wounds in the attack



10 Facts You Need to Know

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  • Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein has told how he came face-to-face with the gunman who attacked the San Diego synagogue on Saturday
  • Goldstein Was One of Three Injured in the Shooting; Another Woman Was Killed
  • Goldstein recalled: ‘As soon as he saw me, he started to shoot toward me’
  • Goldstein Reportedly Continued to Give His Sermon After Being Wounded, Telling Others to Remain Calm
  • Goldstein says the shooter didn’t hesitate to kill Lori Kaye ‘on the spot’
  • Goldstein Is Originally From New York
  • The other two wounded were an eight-year-old Israeli girl and her uncle
  • Goldstein Spoke Out About the Christchurch Shooting in New Zealand
  • One suspect has been arrested over the attack – identified as 19-year-old John Earnest, San Diego County Sheriff William Gore said 
  • Goldstein’s Daughter Was Married Two Weeks Ago