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Pyotr Pavlensky (Partner Oksana Shalygina) Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend (Alexandra de Taddeo), Video Tape, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pyotr Pavlensky Biography

Pyotr Pavlensky Biography, Pyotr Pavlensky Wiki

Pyotr Pavlensky is a Russian publisher of the journal Political Propaganda. Known for his controversial political performance art, which he calls “actions”, Pavlensky is a significant figure in political activism, and his work often involves nudity and self-mutilation. Pavlensky explicitly denounces the “mechanics of power”, forcing authorities to take part in his artistic actions by staging them in areas with heavy police surveillance, explaining that “the criminal case becomes one of the layers of the artwork” and the government is ” into the process of making art”.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

PartnerOksana Shalygina
BornMarch 8, 1984 (age 35 years), Saint Petersburg, Russia
EducationSaint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy
Notable workSeam, Carcass, Fixation, Freedom, Segregation, Lighting
Known forActionism, political art
ChildrenAlisa Pavlenskaya, Liliya Pavlenskaya

Pyotr Pavlensky Age

He is 35 years old

Early life and education

Born in Leningrad in 1984, Pavlensky studied monumental art at the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy. During his fourth year in the Academy, he took additional training at St. Petersburg Pro Arte Foundation for Culture and Arts.

Pavlensky’s “actions” are inspired in part by Pussy Riot, as demonstrated in Seam, and follow in the tradition of artists such as Chris Burden, the Viennese Actionists, and Moscow Actionists Oleg Kulik and Alexander Brener.


Pavlensky and Oksana Shalygina founded an independent online newspaper Political Propaganda in 2012, which was dedicated to contemporary art in political contexts, “overcoming cultural chauvinism, implemented by the government”, feminism and gender equality.

Girlfriend (Alexandra de Taddeo)

The girlfriend of a Russian performance artist and activist who released a video of a sexual nature that prompted a Paris mayoral candidate to stand down is being questioned by police over her role in the scandal.

The woman, named by French media as Alexandra de Taddeo, was taken into custody along with the artist, Petr Pavlensky, on Saturday afternoon as they left a Paris hotel. They are being questioned over accusations of invasion of privacy and “broadcasting images of a sexual nature without the permission of the person involved”.

Alexandra de Taddeo Arrested

Detectives arrested the pair after Benjamin Griveaux, a former government minister and Macron ally, lodged a legal complaint following the release of videos of him performing a sex act on himself.

Pyotr Pavlensky Video

French police have arrested a woman in connection with the release of a sex video that brought down a political ally of President Emmanuel Macron.

Alexandra de Taddeo is the girlfriend of activist Petr Pavlensky. Both were detained on Saturday but police did not initially reveal her arrest.

She was arrested on charges of invasion of privacy and distributing personal images without consent, officials said.

The video scuppered Benjamin Griveaux’s candidacy for mayor of Paris.

It was published on a little-known website that alleged Mr Griveaux, 42, had exchanged intimate mobile phone messages and footage with a young woman.

Ms de Taddeo is suspected of being the recipient of the intimate footage, France’s Le Figaro newspaper reported on Sunday, quoting the Paris prosecutor’s office.