Puerto Penasco Find 13 Bodies in Mass Grave Near Rocky Point

Puerto Penasco Find 13 Bodies

Puerto Penasco Find 13 Bodies

Volunteer seekers have found 12 skeletons and a decomposed body in a shallow well in the desert near the Mexican resort of Puerto Peñasco.

Prosecutors in the northern border state of Sonora said Thursday night that two of the bodies could be women.

Prosecutors said only one of the bodies was relatively recent; the others were “complete skeletons with clothes.”

The bodies were found by a group known as the Puerto Peñasco search engines, consisting of relatives of missing persons investigating reports of clandestine burials.

Gangs of drug traffickers and kidnappers use such graves to get rid of the bodies of victims or rivals.

Puerto Peñasco is also known as Rocky Point. It is located in the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez.

In this sense, the agency details that after the search and location work carried out during October 24, the Prosecutor’s Office carried out the lifting and transfer for its study of a body in a state of decomposition and complete bones with clothing, of which two They could correspond to the female sex.

In addition, elements of the Ministerial Agency of Criminal Investigation ( AMIC ) will provide protection to the Seeking Mothers during their field activities, they will also receive psychological and technical support at the same time that staff of the Forensic Scientific Intelligence Laboratory will carry out the DNA analysis to the remains with which will enable identification.

The FGJE asks that those who have disappeared relatives collaborate with the corresponding complaint and provide samples of their DNA for the comparative analyzes necessary for the identification of the remains.