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Accused in Four Washington D.C. Stabbings at Pro Trump Protest: Phillip Johnson Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Phillip Johnson Biography – Phillip Johnson Wiki

Phillip Johnson is the suspect accused in the stabbings of four people, including Proud Boys members, according to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. The stabbings erupted after street fights between Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter and Antifa members. A police report says Johnson was pushed before he produced a knife.

Johnson is 29 years old. Here is the booking information for him. We’ve asked Washington D.C. police for a booking photo but haven’t received it yet:


The four people were stabbed as brawls erupted between pro-Donald Trump members of the Proud Boys group and Black Lives Matter and Antifa counter-protesters near Harry’s Bar in Washington D.C. after the second Million MAGA March. At least two of those stabbed were affiliated with the Proud Boys, according to photos and videos from the scene. We asked police which group Johnson was affiliated with but they said they don’t release that information.

Washington D.C. police told, “All unrest-related arrests can be found on our website here.”


Additionally, MPD “had eight members with reported injuries in connection to the demonstrations.” As for the stabbing report, MPD wrote, “All victims were transported to an area hospital, conscious and breathing, for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Responding officers arrested 29


The report says that Johnson was pushed before he pulled the knife.


“On Saturday, 12/12/2020, at approximately 2100 hours, officers working First Amendment demonstrations in the District of Columbia responded for a fight in progress. Upon arrival, officers located V-1, V-2, V-3, and V-4, all suffering stab wounds. V-1 identified S-1 as the person who stabbed him, ”it reads.


“Further investigation revealed a video from the NY Post showing S-3 push S-1 in the back, at which point S-1 produces a knife, and S-4 then pull on S-1’s mask repeatedly, at which point V- 2 / S-2 punches S-1 repeatedly in the head. V-1, V-2, V-3, V-4, and S-1 were all transported to local hospitals.



We wrote D.C. police a follow-up email to confirm whether they are accusing Johnson of all of the stabbings. They wrote, “The suspect in this case in connection with all 4 victims is Phillip Johnson. However, this case remains under investigation. The other suspects were not named.



Videos provided more details on what happened. It’s hard to decipher but people appear to shout, in one video, “knife,” and “get that mother f *** er.” Chaos erupts, and the crowd appears to be gathering around and trying to subdue, even hitting, a person. Police then enter the fray.


The police report identifies the stabbing victims as Franklin Todd Gregory of McMinnville, Tennessee; Corey Owen Nielsen, of Robbinsdale, Minnesota; Jeremy Bertino of Locust, North Carolina; and Gregory Lyons of unknown address.


Bertino is a Proud Boy member. He’s accused of previously saying the following at a Trump rally in Raleigh North Carolina on November 28: “America will never be a communist nation. Never! Your side will lose. We will exterminate you like the rats that you are. Exterminate you! ” He’s the owner of a North Carolina store that makes handcrafted jewelry, according to his LinkedIn page. Gregory was affiliated with a boat manufacturing company, according to online records.




Video and photos show another Proud Boy member clutching his stomach after being stabbed, although his name isn’t clear. It also appears from photo and video evidence, as well as accounts from the scene reporting “fights in the streets,” that there was violence and arrests on both sides.





One video shared on Twitter was captioned, “At least one proud boy stabbed after random lone protester fights with multiple proud boys. This protester was the only one around in a mob of a few hundred pb’s and fought with one prior to this video starting and him brandishing a knife. ” A man in Proud Boy colors falls to the ground in this video as someone calls for a medic.


Another video, by Eric Thomas, was captioned, “A #ProudBoy is stabbed during a fight with #antifa and requests MPD attention.”



The stabbings occurred near the 500 block of 11th Street NW, according to News4. That’s near Harry’s Bar, which the New York Post described as “a gathering point for the right-wing Proud Boys group.”



Eric Thomas posted a video from earlier in the day captioned, “#antifa clash with MPD as they push the police line back. after numerous objects are thrown at officers they advance towards protestors where things get intense. #MarchForTrump #BlackLivesMatter. ”



He also wrote, “multiple fights break out between #antifa and the Proud Boys as the two groups meet. Cops try to intervene as pepper spray is shot into the crowd. ”



Protests group were “fighting in the streets,” reported WUSA9. The television station reported that 23 people were arrested on December 12, including six for assaulting police officers. It’s not clear which groups each of those people affiliates with, though.