Norway Mosque Shooting Suspect: Philip Manshaus Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Philip Manshaus Biography

Philip Manshaus Biography

Philip Manshaus is identified as the alleged gunman who launched a suspected terror attack on a mosque in Norway was inspired by the Christchurch, Poway and El Paso shooters, online records suggest.

The suspect has not been officially identified by police but was named in reports as Philip Manshaus, a 21-year-old local man.

Philip Manshaus Age

He is Years old

Philip Manshaus Victim

The victim was a 75-year-old member of the congregation, mosque director Irfan Mushtaq told TV2.

al-Noor Islamic Centre Norway Shooting

The shooting occurred at the al-Noor Islamic center in the town of Baerum, an Oslo suburb.

Police said there was no indication that more people were involved.

Hours before the attack at the al-Noor Islamic Centre in Bærum in Saturday, a user of the same name posted on the 4chan messaging board.

Philip Manshaus Facebook Post

“Well cobbers [friends] it’s my time, I was elected by [Christchurch mosque attacker] saint Tarrant after all,” it said. “We can’t let this go on.”

The post appeared to call for readers to enact their online posts about a race war “irl” – in real life – and said they had been personally “elected” for the task.

The Facebook page, which has been deleted, listed Oslo as Manshaus’s hometown and displayed likes including a page called “NO to sex, YES to Jesus”, which is thought to be satirical.

The 4chan post included a link to photos that appeared to show Manshaus through his childhood and more recently.

They appeared to match a photo of a Philip Manshaus who appeared aged 17 in a Norwegian news article dating from 2015, which detailed a literature campaign at the Oslo by Steinerskole school.

Philip Manshaus Shooting Witness

Witnesses said the Norway gunman was tackled to the ground by a 65-year-old worshipper who had been one of three men in the mosque.

The attacker, who was reportedly wearing a uniform and body armour, broke through a glass door to reach the place of worship, where people were preparing to celebrate the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha.

Police Investigation Reports

Police said several gunshots were fired and are investigating the shooting as a potential terror attack.

They have arrested a local white man in his 20s on suspicion of attempted murder.

The same man is also accused of killing his 17-year-old stepsister, whose body was found at her home.

“We’re investigating this as an attempt at carrying out an act of terrorism,” assistant chief of police Rune Skjold told a news conference on Sunday morning.

The suspect remains in custody and is undergoing a psychiatric assessment, officials said.

Philip Manshaus Instagram

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • One person was injured in a shooting inside a mosque near Oslo, Norway
  • The shooting occurred at the al-Noor Islamic centre in the town of Baerum
  • Police have said there was no indication that more people were involved