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Pedro Antonio Morales was born on October 22nd, 1942 and died on February 12th, 2019. He was a Puerto Rican professional wrestler best known for his appearances in the United States with Worldwide Wrestling Associates (WWA) and the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF).

Pedro Morales Quick Bio

Pedro Morales Birth name Pedro Antonio Morales
Pedro Morales Born He was born on October 22th, 1942 in Culebra, Puerto Rico
Pedro Morales Died He died on February 12th, 2019 (aged 76) in New Jersey, United States
Pedro Morales Wife Karen Rita Garcia (September 10th, 2000 – 2019 – his death)
Maria Cortez (October 10th, 1964 – 19 March 1995) ( divorced)
Pedro Morales Children  (2 children including Pedro Morales Jr. (1974)

Pedro Morales Biography

Morales was born in the municipality of Culebra, an island extending eleven square miles located off the shore of Puerto Rico’s main island. He was part of a large family, with 85 cousins just on his mother’s side. Morales once claimed that sixty-five percent of Culebra’s population had some bloodline connection to him.

He grew up in Culebra throughout his childhood and remained there until reaching his adolescence when his mother sent him to live with an aunt in Brooklyn, New York to finish his high school education. It was there that one of his sister’s friends introduced him to the members of a wrestling club, quickly earning an interest. After practicing in his school and at a local YMCA, Morales debuted as an amateur wrestler at the age of 13, competing in the 160 lb division. In New York he also became a professional wrestling fan, witnessing Miguel Pérez, Sr.’s run as one half of the only undefeated NWA Capitol (WWWF’s predecessor) World Tag Team Champions along Antonino Rocca.
Since early in his life, Morales had displayed an aptitude for athletic competitions, mostly focusing on the practice of baseball. At the age of 16, he was selected in the Liga de Béisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico’s (now known as Liga de Béisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente) first-year draft by the Leones de Ponce. However, due to living outside of Puerto Rico he declined the opportunity. Instead, Morales elected to train in order to become a professional wrestler, in the process gaining twenty pounds. A year later, his father signed the documentation required by the New York State Athletic Commission in order to begin his career as an underage performer. We update all data about Pedro Morales wiki, Pedro Morales Biography, how old is and who is Pedro Morales from a reliable source and other updates maybe publish as soon as available.

Pedro Morales Wrestling Career

Morales Debuted his career in 1959 originally coming to prominence with WWA in the 1960s, where he held the World Heavyweight Championship and World Tag Team Championship. He joined the WWWF and went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship in 1970. In a second run with the by-then World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the 1980s, he won the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship and Tag Team Championship, establishing himself as the promotion’s first Triple Crown Champion. He retired from professional wrestling in 1987.

A popular champion, Morales had particular appeal to his native Puerto Ricans and the wider Latino audience. The first Latino to hold a world heavyweight championship, his combined reign as WWWF Heavyweight Champion remains among the longest in history. He also holds the record for most days as Intercontinental Champion. He was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in 1995, the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum in 2015 and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 2017.

Pedro Morales Legacy

Morales was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame as part of the class of 1995. Fernwood Gold III and Thor Jensen of UGO Networks listed him as the 36th best face wrestler in history, noting how he appealed to the fanbase in New York. His run as the first Latin American Intercontinental Champions is universally lauded. Bill Barnwell of IGN Sports also included Morales in the site’s list of Top Intercontinental Champions, placing him in the sixth slot. As a trainer, Morales was involved in the instruction of Dory Funk Jr., a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion who in 2009 was inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of The Funks.

Pedro Morales Wife, Children

Morales married his wife Maria Karen Cortez October 10th, 1964 continuing this relationship throughout his wrestling career until March 19th, 1995 after their divorce. The couple had 2 children, the renown one being a son, Pedro Morales, Jr. born in 1974 Morales had lived in over a dozen cities throughout his career, including some time in Japan due to the nature of demanding career. However, when his son was about to start kindergarten, the family bought a house in Central New Jersey. His wife, Karen a teacher by profession began working at Avenel Street Elementary School. After his last job in pro wrestling as a Spanish narrator in WCW, Morales retired from the sport and permanently settled in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey where he adopted gardening as a hobby, cultivating tomatoes in his personal garden.

Morales married his second wife, Rita Garcia on September 18th, 2000. They have been together until he passed on in 2019.

At the time Morales was wrestling, the ring featured no methods of protection, and he ended up suffering several injuries that continued to linger after his career was over, limiting his capability of heavy physical exercises. However, he remained a frequent visitor to The Club, a gym located in Woodbridge. Despite being a resident of this area, he continued to travel frequently to Puerto Rico, visiting the archipelago multiple times per year. In 2003, he expressed interest in returning to live permanently in a coastal town near the Caribbean Sea once his wife retired. However, this did not materialize. An advanced case of Parkinson’s disease prevented him from traveling to Puerto Rico during his final years.

Pedro Morales Death and Cause (Parkinson Disease)

Pedro Morales died on February 16th, 2019 at the age of 76 following a battle with Parkinson’s disease. Reporter Hugo Savinovich was the first to report that Morales had passed away. Morales spent over 1,000 days as the company’s champion between 1971, after he defeated Ivan Koloff, until 1973, when he would drop the belt to Stan Stasiak.

Pedro Morales Professional Wrestling Career

Ring name(s) John Kilonis
Johnny Como
Johnny Ricco
Pedro Morales
Billed height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Billed weight 235 lb (107 kg)
240 lb (110 kg)
Billed from Culebra, Puerto Rico
Trained by Barba Roja
Debut 1959
Retired 1987