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Pavel Kosov Wiki – Pavel Kosov Biography

Two Russian hooligans were imprisoned for putting an English football fan into a coma and paralyzing him at the Euro 2016 tournament.


33-year-old truck driver Pavel Kosov was sentenced to ten years in prison for leading the attack on 55-year-old Andrew Bache before England’s first match with Russia in Marseille.


Physical education teacher, 34-year-old Mikhail Ivkine, was sentenced to three years in prison for throwing a chair at Mr. Bache, who is currently suffering from a physical and mental disability ‘somewhere between Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.


The footage shows Kosov and Ivkine running after Mr. Bache and throwing their fists to the head while desperately trying to flee with other British fans during the Moscow ultras ‘urban guerrilla attack’ that June.


Mr. Bache from Portmouth was rescued by a French police officer who administered CPR after stopping his heartbeat.


Kosovo and Ivkine were tried in the southern port city of France, accused of “armed gang violence and causing permanent disability”.


Spartak Moscow fans have been detained in France since March 2018 after being caught in Germany en route to a European fixture.


Mr. Bache’s son, Harry, who is now facing his father, went to court to face the bandits.


Mr. Bache’s lawyer, Olivier Rosato, said his client was “so physically and psychologically affected” by the attack and could not attend.


Speaking after today’s decision, Mr. Rosato said, ‘This is a decision that satisfies the family.


“They wanted Kosovo’s punishment to be harsh because he was the first to punch Andrew, and from behind it caused his head to hit the ground, the granite ground.


Rosato said the two were also prohibited from returning to France after serving their sentences.


Eyewitnesses of the incident said they saw Mr. Bache being captured by hooligans and sustained three or four severe blows to his head, including when he was laid to the ground.


Mr. Rosato said the defendants were among a group of about 150 Russian men, many of whom had received martial arts training and acted as ‘paramilitaries’ on that infamous day in the Old Port area of ​​Marseille.


England fans had gathered there to drink before the game, but were systematically targeted by Russian ‘ultra’ thugs.


Violence then sprang into the game, and Russian fans rushed to England after the game, causing more violence.


The pictures speak for themselves. During the day, Russian hooligans carried out an urban guerrilla attack like paramilitary forces, ‘Rosato said.


They treated it like a combat sport.


The two men were arrested in Germany in February 2018, 20 months after Mr Bache’s life-changing injuries en route to a Spartak match in Spain.


Soon they were returned to France.


Kosovo was living with his mother and working as a driver during the time of violence.


He said to Mr. Bache’s head, ‘But this is not a hand punch.


The prosecution alleges that Kossov kicked Briton while he was lying unconscious, but said he ‘did not remember this’.


“Anyway, it wasn’t on purpose,” he added.


The court heard how psychoanalysts determined that Kosovo ‘lacks empathy’ and ‘does not grasp reality’.


Ivkine, a sports teacher with three children, told the court through an interpreter that he acted ‘in the name of self-defense’ when facing a group of British fans.


“I defended myself,” he added.


He admitted to throwing a chair at Mr. Bache, but that just stripped him off.


But prosecutor Christophe Raffin said, “This was not a legitimate self-defense, it was the use of illegitimate force against Andrew Bache.”


Ivkine said he is a sports teacher who is passionate about ‘kickboxing, traditional boxing and taekwondo, but also philosophy’.


The court heard that psychological analysis showed Ivkine to be ‘neurotic’.


Riots in Marseille’s Old Port area lasted a few days before and after the match between England and Russia.


Police sprayed tear gas and pressurized water on rival fans who rioted around the city; As the authorities say, a largely unsuccessful attempt has been made to contain the violence.


Some fans walked around the city bare-chested and dripping blood from head wounds.


“Once again, as in the last 30 years, an international football competition saw clashes between violent people claiming to be supporters of their national team,” said Bernard Cazeneuve, French Interior Minister.