Who is Patsy Stevenson? Woman in Sarah Everard’s vigil, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Patsy Stevenson? Woman in Sarah Everard’s vigil, Wiki, Bio

Patsy Stevenson is a woman in the viral image from Sarah Everard’s vigil which was held on Clapham Common on March 13th in solidarity for women’s safety. Reclaim The Streets was reportedly a peaceful protest which resulted in the arrest of various attendees. One image from Reclaim The Streets captured Patsy Stevenson being pinned to the ground and handcuffed by officers. Photographers captured the moment, and the image soon went viral. Patsy Stevenson, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, was pictured by photographers pinned to the ground by police officers on Saturday evening (March 13). She has spoken about what happened on Good Morning Britain today.

The body of Sarah Everard was found in Kent after she went missing on March 3rd while walking home in Brixton. A police officer was arrested and charged with kidnap and murder. Met Police have been criticised for the decision to arrest people, including calls for an investigation by Priti Patel and Sadiq Khan, but Cressida Dick has stood by the decision.

Met Police arrested several people for coronavirus regulation breaches and public order. Speaking on Good Morning Britain however, she explained that the message is not anti-police but women’s safety: “I think we need to get the message away from ‘we’re against the police’ and ‘the police did wrong’ and focus on the main message which is that we now need to open a dialogue for change and support women’s safety.”

“I fully understand that police have to do their job. All we wanted was for women to be able to mourn and share each other’s company in a safe space.”

How old is Patsy Stevenson?

Patsy Stevenson is 28 years old as of the year 2021.

Patsy Stevenson Background

28-year-old Patsy Stevenson is originally from Southend but now studied in London. The conversation around her career began when social media users found her acting profile on a casting site, however she has since explained that the profile is old and she now studies at university.

Patsy is now a physics student at university, and has clarified that she “wasn’t hired by anyone.”
“I have never been arrested, I have never been to one of these things. I am not like an activist or protestor,” she said on Good Morning Britain.

Patsy Stevenson Arrest Photo

Patsy, who has said she was there to lay a candle down, told Counterfire: “I was arrested by police for standing there. I wasn’t doing anything, they threw me to the floor. They have pictures of me on the floor being arrested. I’m 5ft 2 and I weigh nothing.”

“Several police were on my back trying to arrest me. They arrested me in cuffs and dragged me away surrounded by ten police officers. When I got in the van they said ‘all we need is your name and arrest and then we’ll let you go with a fine,’ so I don’t see the point of the arrest, to be honest.”

Patsy Stevenson Paid Actress Rumours

She also addressed claims that she was an actress who was paid to be there. She said: “I understand social media is a very fast thing, people are going to search your name.

“That was an old profile from years and years back. I’m not hired by anyone. I just wanted to put a candle down. “I’m not an actress. I study at university where I’m an ambassador for women in STEM, women in physics and things like that.

“That’s why this was so important, and it still is. The message is very important and needs to be ongoing.”

Patsy Stevenson Activist at Sarah Everard’s Vigil

Patsy Stevenson was one of the people arrested at the vigil for Sarah Everard who has come on record to slam the Met Police calling them “disgraceful” for allegedly pinning her to the ground. In her first television interview, Stevenson revealed that she was “terrified”.

After a photograph of her pinned on the ground being arrested started taking over social media, the Met Police faced widespread criticism for its handling of the vigil. In fact, many even call for the resignation of Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick. Speaking on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’, Stevenson said that she had attended the vigil at Clapham Common, South London on March 12, 2021, “to lay a candle down” before it turned chaotic.

Pictures show Stevenson being held on the ground by two officers as she is handcuffed. Also, The vigil was organized by Reclaim These Streets but had been called off after police threatened to fine the organizers $13,917 (£10,000) each for breaking Covid lockdown restrictions.

“I am quite small and it was two very large male officers who sort of pulled me back very quickly and then I hit the ground,” she said on ‘GMB’.

Patsy Stevenson Twitter

Stevenson had some words of advice for Dame Cressida Dick. “As someone who does stand up for women’s rights and things like that, I don’t have, it’s not that I don’t have an opinion but, to be honest, I think we need to get the message away from: ‘We are against the police, the police did wrong”.

“We now need to open a dialogue for change and to support women’s safety. This needs to happen now”, she added.